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Clerk Chat Business Messaging Platform

Transform your business landline into a textable phone number. Enable your current number for sms texting and give your customers a whole new way to interact with your business.

How it works

Meet Your Modern Business Phone

Give your business phone line super-powers

Step 1

Connect Your Phone

Either bring your existing number, or choose your own

Step 2

Sync Contacts

Bring in your existing contacts and relationships right into Clerk

Step 3

Start Texting

Let your customers know they can now text you

Ready to transform your business?

Enable VoIP / NonVoIP / Landline

Clerk Webapp

The #1 Business Phone App

Customers love texting. Text messaging has become the go-to way to engage with your business. It's light, non-invasive, and its immediate.

SMS For Sales

With a read rate of over 90% start sending promos and offeres to drive either in store or online revenue.

SMS For Support

Phone lines get jammed, texting doesn't. Give your customers immediate support help with your existing business number.

Text From Your Existing Number

Connect your carrier and enjoy all of the benefits and features of Clerk while keeping your service provider contracts, phone numbers, and rates.

VoIP / Landline

Enable SMS capabilities on your existing VoIP or a landline.


Enable your Twilio phone number and consolidate communication.

Zoom Phone

Host the SMS portion of your Zoom number and use it in Slack or Teams.

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams

Enable your Microsoft Teams phone number and consolidate communication.

Google Voice
Google Voice

Consolidate your google voice conversations in Slack or Teams.


RingCentral integration brings your number natively into Slack or Teams.

Industries that love Clerk

Start texting your customers today. Keep your company’s text messages organized and secure with Clerk.


Reach your customers faster and grow your customer base more efficiently. Close sales by answering customer questions quickly.

Law Firms

Attorneys, paralegals, and assistants can schedule and confirm legal appointments, submit document requests, and confirm court dates.

Insurance Agencies

Send text messages to reach your team on the mobile devices that they are already using.

Clerk SMS
Real Estate

Connect with prospects and close more deals. Create a better customer experience.

Support Teams

Increase efficiency of your support teams and handle multiple customer issues simultaneously.

Medical Offices

Send SMS to confirm appointments, change treatments, or ask questions. SMS enable your business phone number, while keeping the existing voice service intact.

Sync your Contacts

We've built dedicated integrations to help you import your contacts from the leading systems such as Hubspot, Google, Salesforce and CSV...

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Use Salesforce and Slack together to manage your conversations.

Google Contacts
Google Contacts

Import your contacts directly from Google contacts.


Load your Hubspot contacts and lists and start texting your customers.

Google Sheets
Google Sheets

Use sheets as a universal addressbook. Import CSV, share with teammates...

Clerk Apps

We've built native integrations into the leading applications such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Salesforce. Get verification codes using our non-voip numbers, and leverage the power of SMS wherever your team lives.

Slack SMS
Slack SMS

Bring your business phone to Slack and start text messaging your customers in real-time.

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Clerk Email
Slack Email

Centralize your email and respond to customer and vendor requests with the entire team in Slack.

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Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams SMS

Send and receive text messages with your existing contacts, and leads natively in Microsoft Teams.

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Clerk MFA

Receive your account verification codes easily, and securely from all online services.

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Trusted by 500+ brands

From startups to the Fortune 500, Clerk is the most visual and simple way for teams to comminicate via text message in Slack and Microsoft Teams.

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Helpful answers

We know there's a lot to learn and read about all that Clerk can do. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Optimize your landline phone number by enabling text messaging in minutes. Once enabled you can start sending and receiving SMS and MMS to customers in realtime.

Yes. Clerk allows you to have a unique phone number in every Slack channel.

Absolutely. Please reach out to and we will get back to you asap.

Clerk natively supports group messages. Group messages are a fast and convenient way to organize groups, set up events, or to send the same message to multiple people.

SMS standard has a character limit of 160 characters. Messages using non standard characters such as emojis are limited to 67 characters.

Clerk has a number of unique integrations with tools such as Hubspot, Gsuite, Salesforce.