Essential Slack Add-ons

Incorporate additional features into your business - get your Clerk superpowers now!

Additional Numbers

Want to give customers the ability to text several numbers? Maybe you need a different number for customer support, sales or appointments.

IVR Menu

Interact with callers and gather information by giving them choices via a menu. Performs business actions based on the answers.

Toll Free Numbers

1-800 numbers are also supported in Clerk! Let your customers text your global support system, right in Slack.

Call Forwarding

Never miss a call with Clerk - push all incoming calls to a number of your choice.


Let your customers leave you a voicemail. The message gets automatically transcribed so you can both listen to it or read it right in your Slack channel.


Make API calls or forward any webhook to another service, completely triggered by SMS or Voice Calling. Perfect for integrating Clerk with your external app.

2 Factor Authentication

Consolidate two factor authentication for your entire team. This add-on instantly enables physical device verification for Google, Apple and Banks.


Don't leave your clients hanging. Setup automatic responses and keywords for when your business is closed or for the first time a client texts you to welcome them.

*Each Add-on is $5/mo on the yearly plan