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Alexander Haque

Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

Understanding 10DLC Registration for Businesses

Understanding 10DLC Registration for Businesses

A Must-Know Process and Guide for SMS Messaging

As if compliance wasn’t already confusing, now mobile carriers have implemented additional regulations - most notably 10DLC registration to ensure compliance and to reduce spam.

Makes sense.

But we bet you’re asking, Does this affect me? Do I need to register?

Assuming the answer is yes - to both - let’s take a look at the details so you can get the ball rolling sooner than later and ultimately avoid delays in your SMS business messaging.

Why 10DLC Matters

10DLC stands for 10 Digit Long Code - in other words, a regular phone number, landline or VoIP.

For instance, when you reach out to us, at Clerk, you might use (415) 943-6084 to text us. If you count the numbers, you’ll notice 10. Simple, right?

10DLC is a modern alternative to short codes, which you’re also likely familiar with. Up until recently, many businesses used short codes (4-6 digit numbers) for campaigns and automations - some still do. But, customers are more likely to trust a local number with a recognizable area code, which is why it’s better to use a business phone line for texting.

These phone numbers, which play an important role in marketing and customer engagement, provide a cost-effective and reliable solution for businesses to reach their customers via text. Messages will come across as more personalized rather than robotic, even if sent using automation. We all appreciate authenticity.

And authenticity converts into higher open rates and encourages recipients to engage with the content.

Examples of Use Cases for 10DLC

By leveraging local phone numbers, which are less likely to be marked as spam, businesses can create a sense of familiarity and trust, leading to higher deliverability and open rates and better responses. Equally important to know, 10DLC enables businesses to send many messages at a reasonable cost, especially in comparison to short codes, making 10DLC a go-to choice for businesses of all sizes, from tiny startups to established enterprises.

As you already know, the popularity of mobile devices has changed how businesses communicate with their customers. SMS marketing has become a powerful tool to engage, inform, and build relationships with clients.

From appointment reminders and order updates to promotional offers and customer support, SMS has become a preferred channel for businesses across various industries. But, 10DLC’s versatility extends beyond traditional promotional campaigns. It has proven to be exceptionally valuable in A2P (Application-to-Person) messaging, where businesses use automated systems or applications to send messages to their customers.

Industries such as e-commerce, finance, retail, utilities, and healthcare use messaging to deliver appointment, billing, and event reminders, notification and order updates and alerts, and customer support messages. The possibilities are endless and often quite innovative.

It’s even possible for organizations to use 10DLC to gain feedback by sharing out surveys or polls. And, when the number is local and recognized, it’s much more likely the recipients will actually participate.

All this being said, it’s so important for you to understand the 10DLC registration process and know how to fulfill requirements before it’s too late. It’s not as daunting as it may seem.

Why Should I Prioritize 10DLC Registration?

It’s not surprising that regulations surrounding text messaging have evolved - they’re there to protect us, consumers, from spam and maintain the integrity of the messaging ecosystem.

But, of course, we’re also businesses. So, by association, we’re impacted in multiple ways.

Mobile carriers and regulatory bodies have implemented guidelines to ensure that SMS campaigns adhere to specific standards, aiming to create a seamless and trustworthy experience for end-users. The primary goal of these 10DLC regulations is to ensure that consumers only receive messages they genuinely want while shielding them from harmful practices by bad actors. This helps maintain text messaging as a clean and effective channel for business communications.

Fair. Makes sense.

And so, 10DLC registration plays a pivotal role in this context.

The good news for your business is that complying with 10DLC regulations comes with (at a minimum) a couple of valuable benefits:

  • Faster and More Reliable Messaging: Following 10DLC guidelines allows you to send messages more efficiently, with higher delivery rates, ensuring your communications reach your intended recipients promptly.
  • Improved Legitimacy: Registering for 10DLC enhances your business’s credibility, making it appear more authentic to customers and strengthening the trust you build with your audience.

If you glance through your personal inboxes - text messages and email - you’re probably inundated. 10DLC registration serves as a trust-building mechanism by verifying the legitimacy of businesses using messaging. Verified and registered 10DLC numbers assure recipients that the messages they receive are from authentic sources and not fraudulent or malicious actors.

When businesses obtain 10DLC registration, they signal their commitment to responsible SMS marketing practices. This commitment extends to obtaining recipients’ consent before sending messages, ensuring relevant content, and providing an easy opt-out mechanism for those who no longer wish to receive messages. By following these best practices, businesses can build stronger relationships with their audience and enhance brand reputation.

Compliance with SMS regulations and carrier requirements is not only essential for maintaining trust but also for avoiding potentially severe penalties. Non-compliant messaging practices can result in hefty fines, legal actions, and, in some cases, being blacklisted by mobile carriers.


Such consequences can severely impact a business’s reputation and hinder its ability to communicate effectively with its customers.

It’s just not worth it.

So, 10DLC registration acts as a shield against these penalties. It ensures that you’re aware of and abide by all relevant SMS guidelines, reducing the risk of inadvertently violating any rules. Staying up-to-date with the latest regulatory changes and fulfilling the registration requirements demonstrates a commitment to responsible messaging, safeguarding both your business and your customers from any adverse consequences.

The 10DLC Registration Process with Clerk

We are trying to make the process as easy as possible.

Clerk - 10DLC Registration
Clerk - 10DLC Registration

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Once you’re logged into our app, select Settings.
  • Here, you’ll notice our menu has several options, one of which is Brand Registration.
  • You’ll be prompted to enter your business information including:
    • Legal company name
    • Brand name
    • Country of registration
    • Organization legal form (i.e. non profit, government, etc.)
    • Company EIN and issuing country
    • Address
    • Point of contact

Please Note: If you’re using Clerk Chat as an integration with Slack, use the following form to provide us with the proper information for your 10DLC registration.

We highly recommend you complete this information sooner than later in order to speed up the verification process. At this time, delivery of messages from unregistered numbers will be significantly reduced by August 31, 2023.

Schedule a demo to explore how Clerk can help you ensure SMS compliance for your business. Additional details regarding 10DLC can be found via our Help Center.

  • July 19, 2023