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Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

Best Slack Apps for Remote Teams in 2021

Best Slack Apps for Remote Teams in 2021

Remote work has been popular in the technology space for some time now, yet today with the global pandemic it is pretty much the norm for all organizations. Large companies transfer their employees to remote work, using special software and task managers. There are many such tools out there today, but lack is rightfully considered the number 1 among them.

Slack is an indispensable software for organizing workflows successfully. This task manager is very popular with the public. Today there are many add-ons on the market, which are designed to enhance Slack functionality and provide opportunities for corporate communication. How do you sort out and choose the best Slack app?

We have prepared a list of the best Slack apps that will be irreplaceable in 2021 especially for you! We have personally tested a large number of Slack integrations and selected really useful products for successful work. Let’s start!



Salesforce is an indispensable software for customer relationship business. Salesforce is a CRM system that you can integrate with Slack! The service allows you to maintain a database of customers (names, contacts), transactions (orders, sales, payments), workflow (applications, contracts, receipts), and much more. Salesforce Slack add-on provides a really wide range of options. Don’t want to keep records on paper? Don’t want to lose clients and money? Then Salesforce Integration is the right solution!


Halp is a very popular Slack app. The product allows you to increase the productivity of the team through a ticketing system. It was recently acquired by Atlassian and works seamlessly with Jira. Halp helps you assign and prioritize current tasks, manage requests, sort tickets, generate appropriate reports, and more. Are you already use Jira or Zendesk? Than Halp is perfect for you! The Slack app has two-way integration with both. Many well-known companies (like Adobe, GitHub, Home Depot, Strava, Vend, and even Slack) actively use Halp today. It says a lot about the quality of the product!


Do you use Slack and additionally need a voice, SMS, and MMS? Then take a look at Clerk. It’s the best Slack app among VoIP services, which easily integrates into the Slack workspace, increasing its capabilities. Situations often arise when there is no way to contact an employee or client directly. Clerk makes this quick and easy. The Slack app provides high-quality communication, import of contacts (from Google, Hubspot, etc.), CRM integration, and more.

It’s worth noting that Clerk is the best Google Voice alternative, which is included in the Brilliant Bot list. It’s a list created by Slack staff of some of the best apps for their product. This fact speaks of the Clerk’s quality and high functionality. Check it out and see for yourself!


Zapier is a service for transferring data between multiple applications. With its help, you can configure the execution of processes in a few clicks according to the scheme “If X happened, then you need to perform Y”. In fact, by installing this Slack app, you can automate daily tasks and combine multiple applications at once without wasting time and money. It’s important to note that Zapier supports over 1000 apps, including Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, OneDrive, WordPress, Disqus, Github, and many more! Possible scenarios of interactions are limited only by your imagination and business specifics.

Atlassian Trello
Atlassian Trello


Trello is a convenient and simple program that was released back in 2011 for managing projects using so-called kanban boards. Boards can be public (anyone can enter), the team (for a group only), and personal (one person). With Trello, you can easily organize both personal affairs and business projects. Trello may seem very simple and primitive at first, but the more you work with it, the more opportunities and surprises you will find. The software supports integration with many popular services, including Slack. By adding Trello to your workspace, you can add and edit information in Trello right from Slack without switching between the two apps.

Simple Poll

Surveys are a good way to get feedback from the team on certain tasks, to find out thoughts about past or future projects. If you’re scheduling a meeting and want to check in on it, using a poll is an easy way to get your questions answered. Unfortunately, Slack doesn’t have a polling feature built-in, so Simple Poll comes to the rescue. It’s a simple Slack app, whose name speaks for itself. With just a few clicks, you can create a relevant survey and receive employee responses for further analysis.


Remote work has many benefits, including the ability to work from anywhere in the world. But at the same time, this advantage has a negative side - the absence of informal communication between employees. A close-knit team is the key to an excellent result! Keep in mind that a new member of the team may also feel uncomfortable because he is not familiar with other employees. Donut was developed to overcome such difficulties. The Slack app introduces people, helps organize mentoring, and connects interest groups. For example, you can easily organize a virtual coffee break with the participation of all employees. Donut is an indispensable tool for strengthening relationships and work team culture!


How often have you forgotten something important? It is very unpleasant when you forget to congratulate a colleague or buy a gift for a loved one. More troubles arise if you forget something at work, for example, assign a task to a specific employee, or conduct a survey among the team (how to do this, see above). There is a great solution for solving such problems. Its name is Wonder-bot. The Slack app lets you use Wonder Memories in your team’s workspace while keeping all the important information safe. At the first request, the bot will provide all the previously recorded data. Using Wonder-bot you save time for your employees and increase their productivity!


Zoom is a modern video conferencing solution that replaces the well-known product from Microsoft - Skype. The initiator of the conference creates a “room” and sends out a link with an invitation. To enter the video conference, you just need to click on the link. This simplicity and excellent connection quality makes Zoom the most popular software in its category. Of course, it has Slack integration - the best task manager. Just install the best Slack app and enjoy both business conferences and regular conversations with your team members.


For the successful development of a project, it is not enough just to set tasks and assign employees to complete them. It is very important to correctly analyze the performance of the team and make appropriate adjustments to its work. We recommend SnippetsBot for these purposes. It’s a handy Slack app for collecting and analyzing the work done by each employee. Each week, team members share progress on current projects, goals for the next week, and highlight anything that prevents them from completing their current tasks.

Do you use Slack to organize your work? Then be sure to try the Slack apps from our list! They can automate many work processes, neutralize the influence of the human factor on the business, and save employees’ working time. Enjoy and be successful!

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