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Alexander Haque Co-Founder at Clerk Chat
Alexander Haque

Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

Clerk MFA is the Best Solution for SMS Non-VoIP Verification

Clerk MFA is the Best Solution for SMS Non-VoIP Verification

Do you need SMS verification for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or any other service? Clerk is not only the best, it is the only **legitimate **solution on the market that supports non voip phone numbers. We offer our clients real, permanent US phone numbers that will work with all online services for companies and people that need a non-VoIP phone number for multi factor authentication.

What is Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Multi factor authentication (MFA) or two factor authentication (2FA) is a security tool that many websites use for account logins. Typically, it involves entering your username/password combination and then entering a special code that is sent to you by SMS, email, or even phone call. This additional layer of verification makes cyberattacks more difficult. In fact, 2FA protects against automated attacks almost 100% of the time and 70% of the time for targeted attacks.

As cyberattacks have grown more sophisticated and more common, more businesses and customers are using 2FA or MFA, especially for highly sensitive accounts, such as banking, Shopify, Google, Apple iCloud, AWS, or Amazon Seller Central. However, whenever you share a login with someone, this two-step process becomes incredibly inconvenient. And when you consider IT teams that work with multiple SaaS platforms, the requests become unmanageable. Whoever gets the request has to manually copy-paste each code and send it to the requester in a reasonable time frame. If it is not acted on quickly enough, they often must be re-authenticated.

With Clerk, you can automate and consolidate 2FA and MFA in Slack to forward messages from a specific number to your Slack channel of choice. It works for SMS, voice calling transcription, and even physical device verification. Here’s more on how Clerk’s shared MFA works.

The best part about Clerk is that it works with VoIP and non-VoIP, or real, phone numbers.

VoIP vs Non-VoIP Phone Numbers

A VoIP, or voice over IP number, is a virtual number. That means it is not tied to a physical location. Non-VoIP phone numbers are “real” phone numbers. For SMS verification, VoIP numbers work with some, but not all, online services to receive one-time passwords. There exist a number of websites that require a real, non-VoIP phone number for MFA, such as banks, Facebook, and LinkedIn, etc. A non-VoIP phone number will work with all online services. Here’s a breakdown of common services that accept VoIP or non-VoIP phone numbers.

Why Clerk is the only Legitimate Non-VoIP SMS Verification Solution

Other offerings on the market do not compare to Clerk. Just browsing some of their websites should make you feel suspicious; they are crammed with advertisements and it can be hard to figure out just exactly how they work (hint hint, it’s because they don’t). Consider FreePhoneNum.com - does that look like a legitimate service to you?

The most common difference is that most other companies only give temporary numbers for verification. They use terms like rental, disposable, or temporary numbers. When you dig into Textverified.com and verifywithSMS.com, that’s how they both work. Their numbers get reused over and over again with many clients. These “solutions’’ are clearly not focused on security, and when dealing with MFA or 2FA, the whole point is to add security. Giving payment information or any other information to these websites seems like a bad idea.

Another key difference is the payment structure. Other sites typically charge per use. The more you login, the more you’re charged. With Clerk, SMS verification services are a flat, monthly fee, no matter how often you use it.

When your company or clients need real security, you need Clerk’s Non-VoIP SMS verification solution. Then you can receive passwords securely in Slack for all online services. Clerk gives you a permanent non-VoIP, real US based phone number to use for long-term, secure SMS verification.

Learn more about our Clerk MFA VoIP and non-VoIP plans today.

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