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Alexander Haque Co-Founder at Clerk Chat
Alexander Haque

Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

How This Startup Uses Clerk to Run Their Business

How This Startup Uses Clerk to Run Their Business

Can SMS and MMS in Slack transform how your employees work and how your business operates? With Clerk, the answer is yes.

Many of our customers use SMS to connect with customers and clients, for sales, marketing, customer service… you get the picture. Since you can’t force consumers to download an app, SMS is hands down the best way to reach them.

But for communication with internal employees and third-party vendors, texting may not be what comes to mind for most business owners. That’s a mistake. Slack SMS has the same potential to transform backend, internal, and administrative communication. That’s what BoomPay has done.

Who is BoomPay?

BoomPay is a revolutionary app that lets users report rent payments to build their credit score and split rent payments into installments. In their words, they are ‘rethinking rent payments to create a simpler, more inclusive, and more rewarding experience for renters’.

As a tech-forward startup, it’s no surprise that they were using Slack for their internal communication. But still, they found themselves using many other forms of communication, from email to personal phones, for much of their daily job functions. They knew there had to be a better way to consolidate modes of communication, reducing program switching and simplifying workflows.

BoomPay wanted to streamline communication by adding text messaging capabilities to Slack. With Clerk, they did just that by integrating SMS to their Slack workspace. Now they can use SMS internally with all of their teams as well as externally with third-party vendors. All the people behind the scenes that make their business run, from internal support teams to external accountants - each can be invited to their own, shared Clerk SMS Slack channel.

Why BoomPay Chose Clerk

In short, SMS in Slack, powered by Clerk, makes their business run better.

In today’s working environment, not everyone is in the same office all of the time. More work is done through written communication, with both internal teams and the external vendors and consultants that are in the backend of every company. In this reality, email has proven insufficient for many modern workers, which is why Slack has become so popular.

Slack is faster, more organized, and more collaborative. But most employees still use multiple forms of communication – Slack, email, and text – every single day for work. This can lead to disjointed communication and missed messages. The more these can be consolidated, the more organized and simplified work will be.

For BoomPay, Slack SMS keeps their backend connected. Every team member is on the same page – or should we say, channel – for current projects and issues. Conversations are easily searchable and recorded, making it the ‘one source of truth’. It keeps employees engaged and focused, making it easier and faster for them to get their work done, enhancing productivity and helping BoomPay grow profitably.

The Clerk Difference

Clerk users can send and receive text messages, images, and even emojis to phone numbers from within Slack. Our service is real-time and seamless within the Slack interface. At Clerk, we’ve built native integrations into the leading business communication applications, including Slack, which was actually our first launch. Since we are built specifically for Slack, our user experience and functionality cannot be beat.

Clerk is simple and affordable. You can connect your phone number and start texting from Slack in minutes – including landline phone numbers. Ready to enable SMS in Slack?

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