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Alexander Haque Co-Founder at Clerk Chat
Alexander Haque

Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

Front App Alternative - Shared Inbox In Slack

Front App Alternative - Shared Inbox In Slack

When your company begins looking at business texting, the Front App may be one option you’re investigating – but what are the alternatives? There are countless business SMS and MMS solutions on the market, and finding the right one for you can feel like a challenge to navigate.

Front combined with Twilio is a popular option, but compared to Clerk, Front lacks some core features that can enhance the functionality and usability of your business texting. Clerk is a great Front alternative for those companies who are not satisfied with what Front + Twilio is offering. Here are four reasons why:

No need to use an outside web app

Front uses its own platform and its own user interface, meaning you and your employees will need to learn and use a new tool. Not only does this mean it takes longer to get up and running with the Front app and Twilio than with Clerk, but it also increases program switching during the day and decreases likelihood of adoption. With Clerk, all of your business texting lives in one place: Slack. If your company already uses Slack, this keeps your communication consolidated to that platform and increases adoption and visibility for every team member.

Slack Shared Inbox
Slack Shared Inbox

Clerk has a built-in ticketing system

For customer support, one of business texting’s primary use cases, Clerk has a built-in ticketing system. You can assign anyone from your team to pick up the customer requests as they come in, and easily track who is in charge of what, and where each customer request stands. It streamlines and provides visibility into customer service, which can easily otherwise become disorganized.

Clerk supports bulk messaging

With Front, you can only send individual, 1-to-1 texts. But with Clerk, you can easily and simultaneously send thousands of text messages to customers, extending your reach for promotions, event reminders, product launches, and more. Bulk messaging is a powerful feature that turns your business texting from a one-dimensional customer support tool into a marketing powerhouse. It transforms what you think you can do with business texting.

Clerk is natively built into Slack

Clerk is built specifically for Slack and specifically for texting. That’s why, for business texting for companies who already use Slack, there is no better solution out there. Everything is seamless; we even have a pre-built Slack Workflow so you can automate more of your business SMS. You get all of the benefits of Slack, like easy search, large history, and channel organization applied to your business texting.

Clerk is the best Front app alternative

Front is really just another customer support tool. Like most other software, it requires its own user interface, adding to your business complexity, and only works well for its specific use cases. With Clerk, you can get a better business SMS solution that does customer support and so much more, directly in Slack. Ready to learn more about our Clerk and Twilio integration?

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