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Alexander Haque Co-Founder at Clerk Chat
Alexander Haque

Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

Heymarket Alternative - Benefits of Clerk

Heymarket Alternative - Benefits of Clerk

We often get the question: what makes you different than your competitors like Heymarket? The answer is simple: we are the only service built entirely on-top of Slack, so you don’t need an extra login, signup, or portal to use us. Just Slack.

We go into detail throughout this post to highlight the core differences but it really comes down to a few key differentiators:

  • Clerk is natively built into Slack - it is not an integration built on top of a web-app or other - meaning no additional accounts or software needed
  • Clerk is much more affordable - Heymarket starts at $29.00 on their annual plan
  • Clerk’s add-ons mean you can create your own custom plan and are never anchored to features you don’t want or need

Clerk is Built for Slack

We’ve built Clerk intentionally for Slack. Our philosophy is the following: Texting should happen entirely within Slack - you should never have to leave to use another service or application.

Heymarket is built on top of its own proprietary web solution, meaning you need to create an additional account on top of Slack - and all primary texting and SMS management happens on top of their app.

Installing Clerk and getting started should take seconds:

  • Choose your country, city and area code
  • Upload your contacts including our integrations with HubSpot, GSuite and/or Google Sheets
  • Send a group SMS
Clerk - Navigation Menu - Type @clerk
Clerk - Navigation Menu - Type @clerk

With applications such as Heymarket, you are forced to create an account, upload contacts, and force your experience to fit their interface- to then migrate a portion of that experience to Slack.

By having your entire experience live inside Slack you no longer need to create separate accounts, manage contacts in yet another app and spend hours formatting things to be your way. Clerk just makes SMS work.

Clerk - Send Text Message
Clerk - Send Text Message

Clerk’s Pricing is Unbeatable

Since we don’t have an entire ecosystem of software to manage, we can save costs and pass these savings on to you - the customer. In fact, we have been obsessed with making an affordable product we ourselves would feel comfortable paying for - and that’s why we’ve maintained our low entry-point pricing.

The reality is that small business owners don’t have time to manage multiple apps, interfaces, and accounts on-top of Slack: we all want a way to centralize experiences to one app.

Given that millions of small businesses have made the switch to Slack to manage their teams, having an external experience like Heymarket just for SMS is a headache so many teams never make the leap. In fact, it is the reason why we at Clerk never made the leap to any of the alternatives – they were just too costly and forced us to adopt a new system to onboard our staff.

Clerk is free to get started with 10 SMS/MMS per month

We’ve looked at dozens of non-Slack SMS providers and have made sure that our pricing is the absolute most affordable.

We are not limited by group SMS

Heymarket limits group messaging to 200 per day on their base plan. With Clerk you never have to worry about how many bulk/group SMS you send - all our plans include unlimited texting

We enable integrations on our Starter Plan

Our add-ons also start at $5 a month and help you scale far beyond just SMS. With Heymarket, you forced to upgrade to a more expensive plan to support a fraction of what our add-ons enable.

We are not limited by Channels

Heymarket (and even Avochato) force you to use a single channel to manage all incoming/outgoing SMS. We enable Clerk to be in an infinite number of a channels - again because we are built entirely on top of Slack :)

Clerk Integrates with Google Sheets, GSuite & Hubspot

We are proud of the integrations we offer to make importing and messaging your contacts across other services easier than ever. In fact, as the title of this section suggests, we support two of the largest messaging systems in the world - Hubspot, Google Sheets, and GSuite so you can seamlessly message contacts without needing to create yet another contact record.

All you do is connect once & now Slack acts as your centralized SMS hub where your team can collaborate to respond to customer requests or reach out for sales, as a team.

While Heymarket enables integrations across a broader range of SaaS platforms, Clerk offers integrations within our base Starter Plan. Heymarket forces you to upgrade to their $119.00 monthly plan to benefit from those features.

Clerk has Add-Ons You’ll Love

At the request of our hundreds of users we have built add-ons we are sure can help your business. Discover our add-ons:

  • Caller-ID: standard across all plans including free. Our callerID system automatically recognizes who is calling and allows you to save them to your address book.

  • Import your number: want to leverage your business number in Slack for two-way SMS? Look no further as Clerk enables nearly all phone numbers (VOIP / Landline) to have SMS, all through Slack.

  • Multiple Numbers: Most businesses leverage several numbers to get it all done.

  • Toll-Free Number: want to make Slack your support center? Toll-free, 1-800 numbers are now textable through Clerk!

  • Voicemail: Lots of clients will want to call you to finalize a deal or to connect with someone on the other line. Never miss a beat with our voicemail feature that allows you to listen to a message in .mp3 format so you can listen right away.

  • Call Transcription: Just want voice-to-text for your voicemail? Don’t care to listen to every message? Let us leave you a transcript right in Slack.

  • Automation: Our most loved add-on lets you set up automatic welcome messages and off-hour autoresponders. Response time is everything in today’s world, never less your customers go unanswered when they text you with our automated messages.

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