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Best Google Voice Alternatives In 2021

Best Google Voice Alternatives In 2021

The success of any event depends on well-coordinated teamwork. Whether you are a small or large business, start-up - no type of activity will bring the desired result without the right workflows and tools.

In today’s world there are countless apps to help with teamwork, and Slack is one of the leaders. It allows us to create a cohesive work environment, which significantly increases the productivity of both an individual and the whole team.

What about direct communication with customers? Despite all the merits of the digital world, mobile communication or SMS remain the best means for getting in touch with customers. Well, today there are many solutions on the market for this. Let’s talk in detail about a rather popular communication product - Google Voice and a more advanced alternative - Clerk.

What is Google Voice?

Google Voice (GV) is a versatile service, which allows you to send voice or text messages over IP (VoIP). Google launched this service back in 2009, and it is still very popular among people to this day. How did it gain such popularity?

GV lets you make and record calls, send text messages, customize your voicemail greetings, forward calls, and more. And the most important thing is that you can use all services for free (except for international calls)!

All you need is an internet connection. And that’s all. If you have a device with network access (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.), then you can use the GV. No more landlines just sign up using Google Mail and enjoy!

However, despite all its advantages, Google Voice is not suitable for commercial use.

Why is Google Voice not suitable for businesses and startups?

This product from Google has several advantages, which distinguish it from competitors. First of all, it is free of charge. Today, many small businesses or startups still use Google Voice as their work phone. Many have made the decision to use it at the onset of their project, with the main driving factor being cost savings.

Nevertheless, as your business grows, you will inevitably face the limitations of Google Voice, which will certainly affect the development of your project. The reason for this lies in the main advantage of the product from Google, namely, its freeness. The corporation invests fewer resources in GV every year, which affects its work.

Google Voice
Google Voice

What features of Google Voice negatively affect the growth of business projects? Here are some of them:

  • The service works only in the USA

  • Poor connection quality

  • Lack of auto-attendant or IVR function

  • The service provides only one work number

  • Lack of beautiful numbers and the ability to choose one

  • Lack of direct customer support

Besides, Google representatives themselves note that the GV is primarily intended specifically for personal, non-commercial use. Therefore, if you want to fully implement your ideas, you need a more modern product, which meets all modern challenges.

Is Clerk the best Google Voice alternative?

What is Google famous for besides its services and products? You probably know that a company often closes its projects, even if its client base is huge. It is important to note that the company is now investing a lot of money and time in the development of a payphone service called Google Fi. Therefore, many Google Voice customers are confident that they will soon be unable to use the service due to its imminent closure. The need to find an alternative is only a matter of time.

Do you want your project to grow and flourish? Do you want to use inexpensive and high-quality teamwork tools? Do you want to use the most modern software with excellent customer support? Then Clerk is the right solution for you!

Clerk is a VoIP service built entirely on top of Slack, which makes it easy to communicate with your customers and employees using voice calls, SMS, and MMS.

Today, no successful business or start-up is complete without products to optimize teamwork. Slack is the most popular and requested tool on the market. Millions of people use all its advantages to develop their projects. It is Clerk that perfectly complements it, significantly increasing the communication capabilities of your employees.

What are the benefits of Clerk?

If your team runs on Slack and needs a reliable voice, SMS, and MMS solution, then Clerk is the best choice for you. Many users call this software Slack SMS. And this is not casual. Clerk SMS works directly inside Slack, so you don’t have to worry about navigating to Google’s voice bar.

By using Clerk, you get important advantages that competitors’ products lack:

  • High quality of communication

  • Clerk integrated into Slack. Send messages and MMS directly from the Slack workspace without the hassle

  • Import contacts from leading systems such as Google, Hubspot, Salesforce, and CSV

  • Integration with CRM tools such as Gsuite, Hubspot, and Salesforce

  • Focus on a wide range of industries. Clerk is indispensable for startups, real estate, law firms, medical offices, and support teams

  • You can use multiple phone numbers

  • Realtime customer support

  • You can get acquainted with the product by trying the free trial version

  • Flexible pricing system. You can easily select the plan that suits you best

We have not listed all the benefits of Clerk. To unleash its full potential, you must try it yourself for your business. But even these advantages are enough to confidently assert: “Clerk is the best Google Voice alternative available on the market today.”

Clerk is a powerful and innovative product that has already earned recognition from many satisfied customers and has been featured by the Slack team. Our team is releasing new and enhanced features every week!

How to transfer my number from Google Voice to Clerk?

Slack users often ask this question. It is not difficult at all. Just follow these steps:

  • Install Clerk
  • Request your Google Voice number to use in Clerk

That’s all! Agreed, it is even easier to do than to describe it! For more in-depth notes check out our Help Center.

GV is a great product for its time. But today, without proper support, it has lost its relevance. First of all, this is facilitated by the limited functionality and the possibility of closing in a short time. Therefore, using the Google Voice alternative is the only correct decision.

Are you using Slack? Do you want to expand its capabilities? If so, then Clerk will become your irreplaceable assistant. Our native Slack app significantly improves communication capabilities of any team, making it easier to complete tasks. Just install it and see for yourself that Clerk is the best Google Voice alternative you can find!

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