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Alexander Haque Co-Founder at Clerk Chat
Alexander Haque

Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

How to Start a New Business - Tools for Success

How to Start a New Business - Tools for Success

Power your business with Slack and SMS

Today, many people create startups to implement their ideas. Unfortunately, more than 80% of them are closed at the first stages of development, unable to withstand the competition. There are many reasons that lead to business closure. But the main one is the founding team’s inability to organize the work correctly. Let’s take a closer look…

What should I start with?

Starting your own business is the right step to a fulfilling life. However, a startup is not for the faint of heart. An entrepreneur needs to be smart and decisive as there are many challenges to solve on a daily basis. Where should a successful development start?

Build a talented team

A startup is only as good as its team. Without smart and hardworking employees, the idea won’t work. But knowledge and skills are no more important than their attitude to the project and work ethic. Team selection is the first and very important step, which plays a key role in the success of the entire event.

Get a VoIP or non-VoIP USA phone number

Today, the development of a startup is closely related to online services and industry. You only need a virtual phone number or a real non VoIP number to register your company’s profile. Any successful startup must have it.

Make a development and promotion plan

Aspiring entrepreneurs often make the mistake of trying to build a business without a clear roadmap. Such endeavors usually fail. Start with primary areas like funding, development, and teamwork. It’s vitally important to understand all the details, no matter how insignificant they may seem. It’ll help you deal with unexpected problems.

Streamline task deadlines

Try to set tasks for your employees according to the plan. Consider their abilities and skills. You can’t demand a result from an incapable person. There are special task managers and communication platforms that allow you to accumulate all tasks in one place. Slack is one of them. It’s the most popular business communication platform today. Both startups and big-name companies successfully use Slack.

Attract additional investment

Attracting investments is the main challenge. Of course, you can start a startup with personal savings. But a decrease in cash flow and the lack of a clear financing plan will quickly stop the project’s activities. During development, it’s unacceptable to worry about how to reduce costs and staff. To facilitate the search for funds, you need to expand business contacts. It’s important to build relationships with potential investors even if you don’t need money right now.

Listen to your customers

It’s not enough to make yourself famous on social networks. In the early stages of development, you must fight for every user and customer. You have to “manually” earn users’ trust by providing excellent service. Feedback and even criticism are very important. They will help you steer the development of the project in the right direction.

A properly configured teamwork is half the battle!

The success of any startup depends not only on the manager but also on the staff and the teamwork. Previously, people usually worked in a close team. Today many companies are transferring employees to remote work. This trend is especially popular with startups. Almost all startups have remote workers, and some do not have an office at all. It doesn’t mean the low quality of the project. On the contrary, such companies use modern solutions to save money.

There is practically no distinction between remote and office teams. However, you can’t do without digital solutions. Slack is the most trusted product for remote teamwork today.

Slack Team Work
Slack Team Work

Slack was originally an online messenger with almost unlimited functionality. The feature of integration with additional apps, such as Clerk, Zapier, and Trello, has become especially popular. Such customization allows you to collect all the necessary tools in one workspace. You can turn Slack into the tool your team and business need in a few clicks.

Slack simplifies team communication, resolves work issues, and monitors the progress of tasks. Communication with customers has never been so convenient! Effective team organization is the cornerstone of any successful company. Slack is the digital assistant that does this job well. Millions of users around the world can’t be wrong!

Expand the functionality of Slack and Microsoft Teams with Clerk

It’s impossible to conduct modern business without established communication between employees and clients. It includes voice communication, SMS messages, automatic notifications, and MMS. Even to pass two-factor authentication, you need a non-VoIP number for verification. How to combine this for a large customer base? As I noted above, the most important feature of Slack is its ability to integrate with other applications that significantly expand its functionality. Clerk helps you tackle the above tasks easily!

Clerk is a business messaging platform that is part of the Brilliant Bot list, created by the Slack developers themselves. Only the best apps for their product fall into this list! Clerk for Slack greatly optimizes remote work with a large client base. Check out these cool features:

Working with non-VoIP and VoIP numbers

Clerk offers both real non-VoIP and VoIP phone numbers. Many types of businesses are using online services such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Authentication for these services will only work with real non-VoIP numbers. Registration, multi-factor authentication, password confirmation, and SMS notifications work only with a non-VoIP number. Discover all the features of such telephony with Clerk!

Combining SMS notifications

Use a non-VoIP number free to confirm transactions. SMS verification from a large number of clients is no longer an unsolvable problem. Clerk consolidates OTP verification by sending all messages to one or several channels at once.

Increased communication between employees

Clerk enhances Slack’s communication capabilities not only between the company and customers but also between team members.

Saving your budget

Using Clerk, you significantly save on communication. Whether you are a Medical office, a law firm, delivery service, trucking, Amazon management, online shopping, or crisis hotlines, it’s difficult to outperform the competition without workflow optimization. Do you want to be successful? Try modern solutions. Use Slack and Clerk!

  • September 18, 2021