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How to Text From A Landline

How to Text From A Landline

Does text to landline sound unusual? If so, it’s probably because you’ve been used to sending text messages from your cell phone for years now, so do you ever wonder how to text from a landline? Customers call you on that number. You have real-time conversations. But you’re missing opportunities without an SMS component.

With the right service, like Clerk Chat, you can add this functionality to your business phone line. You can keep your reliable landline, stick with the call quality you’re used to, maintain professionalism, all while embracing a communication channel that aligns with your customers.

Implement texting without losing the benefits of your existing phone system. Sounds lovely, but how does it work? Why is it important for your business? What’s the best way to get started?

Whether you’re looking for a texting service for small business or you’re part of a larger organization and need enterprise text messaging, Clerk Chat has got you covered.

Can You Text From a Landline? Yes You Can!

While it might have seemed impossible in the past, texting from a landline is common practice, thanks to advancements in technology. Text message services are often like a liaison between your landline phone number and the phone you’re trying to reach via SMS.

Additionally, although businesses have relied on short codes for messaging, 10DLC has become a more popular and accessible method. 10DLC, which stands for 10-digit long code, is a 10-digit phone number. Your business phone number that your customers are already familiar with is likely a common example. These numbers are able to both send and receive messages as opposed to only being used for voice calls.

10DLC is a way to make sure your numbers are recognized, verified, and approved for business texting, ensuring your messages reach their intended recipients promptly and reliably.

Customers that are used to using your landline for voice calls will also be able to use it for two-way text messaging, too. They get their phone, or whatever device they typically use, enter your number, write the message, and send.

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How to Text from a Landline Number: A Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s a guide to help you text from a landline:

The first step is to choose a text messaging service. There are several providers who offer text-enabling services, each with its own set of features and pricing.

  • Individual, Group, or Campaign: Send personalized messages to individual customers, communicate with multiple customers at once, or create targeted text message campaigns.
  • Integrations: Sync contacts from a csv file or one of many CRMs. Clerk Chat also has native SMS integrations with Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Zoom.
  • Workflows: Automate out-of-office messages or create other workflows to send timely and professional responses.
  • Security: Feel confident with automatic opt-out and export to e-discovery tools like Smarsh, Purview, or Global Relay.

When narrowing down your options, here are additional factors to consider:

  • Features: Could you benefit from analytics? The ability to schedule messages? Do you need to be able to organize inboxes and manage team members?
  • Pricing: Compare the pricing plans of different providers to find one that fits your budget. Consider whether you’ll be charged per message, per user, on a monthly basis or annually.
  • UI/UX: Whether those who are using the platform are tech-savvy or not, if text messaging is being used as often (or more often!) as email, choose an option with a user-friendly interface that’s easy to navigate and onboard.
  • Customer Support: It’s nice to have options to self-serve with a Help Center or tutorials, but you also need to be able to easily reach support in case you encounter any issues or have questions.
  • Scalability: Ask yourself, “what are the odds my texting needs will grow in the future?” Choose a service that can accommodate that growth or one that offers features like an AI SMS assistant that could help you scale.

If you want to test out a service, consider free trials or schedule demos so you can learn more before making a commitment.

How to Enable SMS from Your Landline with Clerk Chat

When you choose Clerk Chat, as long as you have admin access, you can create an account and activate an existing phone number. If you’re currently a Microsoft Teams user and want to enable Microsoft Teams SMS or your number originates from a different carrier, we help with the process. We activate your landline phone number in minutes, meaning you can be texting customers and clients from your landline right away. And yes, it’s really that simple.

Will This Change Your Voice Line?

No. There are no changes to your existing carrier or existing voice line. Voice stays with your provider; just the SMS traffic is routed to Clerk Chat’s text messaging platform. You and your callers won’t notice a single difference with your voice calls.

How Can I Receive Text on Landline?

Once your landline is text-enabled, you can send outgoing text messages and you can also receive incoming text messages.

Depending on what platform you choose determines the process, but if a customer or client sends a text message to your landline, it doesn’t go through as a phone call, it goes through as a text message on either an app, platform, website, web app, or potentially an integration with another tool you might already be using.

Ideally you’ll receive a notification, you’ll view the message, and you’ll respond - just like you’d normally respond to a text from a friend or a family member. Your message will be delivered as a text.

Most services offer an inbox-style view, so you can see and organize your messages similar to the way you do with email. Clerk Chat also offers an option to use internal message threads that are not visible to the customer but are organized with the original message.

If you receive a high-volume of messages or want to make sure replies are prompt, consider services that offer workflows, where you can set up automatic replies for either common questions, welcomes, or out-of-office, the ability to assign messages to teammates or automatically round-robin incoming messages, or schedule messages in advance. This can be particularly beneficial for SMS property management, where quick responses to maintenance requests are expected and necessary.

Receiving text messages on your landline is just as easy as sending the messages.

Benefits of Landline SMS for Businesses

When you send SMS from a landline, you are reaching your customers on an easily-accessible channel. Plus, if you have the ability for two-way text communication, meaning your customers can also send a text to your landline, or a way to send a text from a different number other than your mobile phone, it gives customers another way to reach you rather than searching a website, waiting on hold, leaving a voicemail, or hoping for a return email.

For many small businesses, text messaging can fundamentally improve how you connect with your customer base, improving everything from marketing to billing to operations. Clerk Chat, for instance, is used across diverse industries - law firms, insurance agencies, real estate brokerages, financial organizations, support teams, and medical offices. These businesses understand the value of their established landline numbers – it’s on advertisements, repeat customers have it saved, and it’s familiar and reliable.

Landline texting can also be used to send messages to potential clients, schedule property showings and provide updates on listings. You can even create real estate text message templates for consistent messaging across the company.

Healthcare providers rely on their landline as they call patients or patients call in. However, texting could be used to send appointment reminders, test results, or prescription notifications. Providers can create or use SMS templates for healthcare, especially for professionalism and compliance.

Why Is Texting Better Than Calling?

Many would say, “it depends” which it does. However, texting is:

  • Convenient: it’s quick
  • Efficient: it provides the ability to automate
  • Flexible: text in the moment or asynchronously
  • Accessible: you can reach customers on their mobile device
  • Professional: it’s modern communication on your known number
  • Competitive: lots of businesses are using text messages as a channel

Let’s look at a relatable texting vs. calling example. Imagine you run a dentist’s office, and your patients know and recognize your landline number. If you enable your landline for texting, you can send appointment confirmations, scheduling reminders, and even follow-up care instructions or check-ins. For the average clinic this often translates to fewer no-shows, increased appointments, and improved patient outcomes. It’s conversational SMS for you and your patients.

Is Landline Texting Right for Your Business?

Most likely, yes(!) - especially if you prioritize excellent customer service or if you’re an appointment-based business. If you’ve been in business for years and have had the same phone number, why not use it for text messaging, too?

If you’re part of a marketing, sales, or support team, landline texting could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Clerk Chat makes it easy to add texting functionality to your landline. Whether you’re texting from your phone or learning how to text from your computer, you’re building your communication toolbox. Sign up for a free trial and experience the response rates and increased engagement in real-time.

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