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How to Use Slack App to Power Your Business

How to Use Slack App to Power Your Business

Best Resources For Learning Slack

Slack is one of the most popular communication and collaboration tools on the market. Businesses of all industries and all sizes are using Slack to power their business, both internally and externally. While instant messaging has been around for years, Slack is so much more than a simple communication tool. Its superb user experience, its ability to integrate with other programs, and the explosion of features powered by Slack apps means that Slack is a platform that can completely transform how your business operates, making it more efficient and improving your customers’ experience.

We’ve curated some of our favorite resources to help you fully utilize Slack for your business:

Using Slack Effectively: The Full Guide

For a breakdown on simply how to use Slack, you can’t beat this guide. From downloading Slack and setting up your profile to installing apps, it breaks down Slack for a beginner. Dummies also has A Beginner’s Guide to the Slack Workspace that can get you started.

Slack for Internal Communication

Internal communication, especially with the rise in remote work, helps build employee loyalty and connection to the business. Beyond simply communicating from one person to another or within a team, Slack can be used as part of your larger internal communications strategy. Slack’s own article, 5 ways to power up your internal comms with Slack, shares ideas including increasing survey participation and making it easier for employees to find company information.

If you are a bigger company that is having trouble managing Slack due to the number of conversations and notifications, definitely check out Mode’s blog: We’re Sharing Our Slack Guidelines and How They’re Helping in an All-Remote Culture.

Slack for Customer Service

Slack isn’t just for internal communications. It can be a fantastic addition to your customer service workflows. If you are a B2B company with limited clients, Inc.’s 7 Tips for Using Slack with Customers is a great resource.

Another option is to use SMS and MMS text messaging within Slack using Clerk. You can send and receive SMS and MMS texts from customers to confirm appointments, answer customer questions, and track customer support issues all within Slack.

Adding even more features with Slack Apps

Slack apps are really what set Slack apart from any other instant messaging service. To get the most out of your Slack, you need to investigate and implement the best Slack apps for your unique business.

Here’s a list from Snack Nation on 21 Best Slack Apps For Absurdly Productive Remote Teams In 2021. We also have our own list of Must-have Slack Apps for Productivity.

Use Slack for Project Management

Slack is a great way to improve our project management because it can integrate with other tools you’re already using, including Trello, Asana, Jira, IFTTT, and more. Here’ a guide on How to Use Slack for Project Management to get you started.

Plus, there are plenty of apps specific to project management: Slack Apps for Project Managers that can boost your productivity.

Advanced Slack Tips

For those of you looking for advanced Slack tips, check out The Fast Company’s 30 Incredibly Useful Things You Didn’t Know Slack Could Do - #17, how to conduct polls within channels using emojis, is pretty creative.

Zapier’s post on 4 advanced features for Slack power users also includes helpful capabilities and how you can use them to increase your productivity, like how to use the reminder feature for tasks for yourself or team members.

Clerk is a must-have Slack app, centralizing your text messaging to Slack channels. Link a business phone number and simplify your team’s communication today.

  • January 27, 2021