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Alexander Haque Co-Founder at Clerk Chat
Alexander Haque

Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

Clerk Now Supports Calling and SMS in Microsoft Teams

Clerk Now Supports Calling and SMS in Microsoft Teams

Yes, you can text and call from the same number in Microsoft Teams. For any businesses that use Microsoft Teams, this can be a game-changer. Clerk now enables Microsoft Teams users to send SMS and make voice calls directly from the Teams interface using their business phone number.

Microsoft Teams SMS and Calling

Microsoft Teams users have the Microsoft Calling plan for voice calls, but it has one major problem: you can’t use it for texting. And since texting is the best way to connect with customers – including a 98% “read” rate – businesses that aren’t texting are missing out. Before Clerk solved this problem, Microsoft Teams users were either stuck not using SMS for business or using a different phone number and platform. Luckily, now there’s a better solution.

What does our calling and SMS solution for Microsoft Teams look like? It’s a fully cloud-based phone system with advanced calling and SMS features, accessed directly in Microsoft Teams but powered by Clerk on the backend. Here are some of the core voice features:

  • Outgoing and Incoming Calls: You can receive and make calls using your business phone number, including group calls.
  • BYO Phone Number: You can use the phone number you already have or get a new one. You can even use toll free (1-800) numbers.
  • Multiple Numbers: Clerk supports multiple phone numbers, for example, you may want separate numbers for customer support and appointments.
  • Voicemail: Your phone number will have a voicemail box accessible in the Teams interface, with playback controls, summaries, and transcripts.
  • Call Transfer and Call Forwarding: You can transfer calls to other team members and set up call forwarding to redirect calls to another phone number.
  • Multilevel Auto Attendants: The multilevel auto attendant features routes incoming callers to the right internal person or department, improving customer experience and internal efficiency.
  • Call Queues: Call queues are essential for optimal customer service, distributing calls one at a time to employees based on the call order.
  • Call From Anywhere: Using the Microsoft Teams app, you can send and receive calls on desktop, mobile, web, and even desk phones.

How Our Calling + SMS Solution Works

Our solution is easy to use, so you can start connecting with customers and clients using voice and SMS in Microsoft Teams in just minutes. Clerk integrates natively into Microsoft Teams, making it seamless to use.

First, you can install from one of two places: either our website or the Microsoft AppSource. You can port an existing phone number or choose a new one. Clerk works with numbers from RingCentral, Twilio, Zoom Phone, Google Voice, and any other VoIP number. After installation and setup, the Clerk App will be on your Teams Account on the left panel with an intuitive interface. Learn more about how to set up our solution here.

Microsoft Teams SMS
Microsoft Teams SMS

From there, you can easily send text messages and make phone calls directly from Microsoft Teams, from anywhere, on any device. Your team can start communicating with ease for customer service, sales, marketing, scheduling, and more.

Since it connects natively to Teams, those contacts are automatically available. But if your contacts live outside Teams, you can sync contacts from Salesforce, Outlook, or Google.

Benefits of Combining Calling + SMS in Microsoft Teams

The number one benefit of combining calling and SMS in Microsoft Teams = efficiency.

Let’s break it down. Why did your business start using Microsoft Teams in the first place? Likely, with the increase in globally distributed teams and remote work, the Microsoft Teams platform enabled your employees to connect and collaborate more efficiently. The Teams platform simplifies and streamlines your internal communication. You can share documents and files, helping your teams work together, even when they are apart.

But internal communication and workflows are only half of the story for businesses. What about external communication? That’s where calling and SMS come in.

Every business has a phone number, whether it’s a traditional landline or a VoIP phone number. This phone number is used in all sorts of ways depending on the business: scheduling, customer service, sales, third party vendors (accountants, attorneys, etc.). Historically, this phone line, even with internet phone numbers, lived separately from other project management tools. Companies may have had separate software programs to set up call queues or auto attendants. This program is likely separate from the customer list, customer database software, or customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Microsoft Teams Calling
Microsoft Teams Calling

With all of these disconnected platforms, inefficiencies are bound to occur. When you connect your business phone number to Microsoft Teams, you simplify and reduce these inefficiencies. Contacts are automatically available. You can call with one click. Voicemail is available in the same platform. Everything updates together. Great, right?

But we can make it even better: we can sync SMS to the voice line and to Microsoft Teams. Business texting has exploded in popularity in recent years. Unfortunately, many business phone lines are not capable of sending text messages, or companies are using a separate platform for business texting. Clerk solved this problem by creating a seamless SMS integration with Microsoft Teams that now also supports the voice line with the same phone number.

Get started today with Microsoft Teams SMS + Calling

Every business is using technology – the question today is, will your technology set you apart from your competitors? Being able to communicate via SMS and calling within Teams amps up your productivity and efficiency while improving the customer experience. It’s a win-win.

It’s time to get started with Microsoft Teams SMS and Voice.

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