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Alexander Haque Co-Founder at Clerk Chat
Alexander Haque

Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

Connecting With Customers Using Slack and Twilio

Connecting With Customers Using Slack and Twilio

Bulk SMS in Slack with Clerk

Today’s consumers want things now. For companies to become market leaders, they need to be able to deliver instantaneous customer communication and authentically engage with consumers. The best way to do that? SMS or text messages.

98% of text messages get opened. Email? That number drops to 20%. If you want customers to see what you’re saying, SMS is the way to do it. But SMS can be a double-edge sword. To manage it appropriately, SMS needs to be integrated into your company processes. For companies already using Slack, what better way to do that than by integrating your SMS strategy into Slack?

That’s why MyFreshBowl, a zero-waste vending machine built in NYC, chose Clerk to enable them to send and receive SMS and bulk SMS to customers in Slack.

Who is MyFreshBowl?

MyFreshBowl is a zero-waste vending machine serving fresh, healthy meals in reusable glass jars. Their mission is to deliver healthy food to a culture that needs fast, convenient meals, while eliminating reliance on single-use plastic for takeout. Breakfasts and lunches are made and restocked every day using locally-sourced, nutritionist-approved meals in their New York kitchen. The glass jars can be returned to the kiosks for a credit towards a future purchase.

How MyFreshBowl uses SMS with their customers

To use SMS inside Slack, they took advantage of Clerk’s Twilio API to connect their existing business phone number. Now, MyFreshBowl can use SMS to connect in multiple ways with their customers. It has become their main source of customer communication.

First, they use Clerk’s bulk SMS capabilities to send marketing messages, such as food pickups, promotions, or events. They can message thousands of customers easily and simultaneously. Second, they use SMS capabilities to communicate directly with their customers. For example, when a glass jar is returned, giving the customer a $2 credit towards a future purchase, that information is stored by their phone number and a text is sent confirming the return and their total current credits. Third, they use SMS for customer support. If a customer has a problem or question, they can get real-time responses through text messaging with the MyFreshBowl team.

Benefits of customer SMS for MyFreshBowl

Essentially, MyFreshBowl uses SMS and Slack as their “one-stop” customer communication tool, for everything from mass marketing to account information to customer support. This makes it easy for customers to engage with MyFreshBowl, without a separate app for them to download (or for MyFreshBowl to develop and maintain). Almost no one turns off push notifications for text, while they might for an app, so MyFreshBowl knows their messages are getting through to their consumers.

With Clerk and the Slack SMS integration, MyFreshBowl has been able to consolidate and streamline their communication with customers, creating better customer relationships and increasing customer engagement. They can engage in real-time with their customers and have decreased their response time. This had led to increased revenue and increased customer satisfaction.

Are you ready to transform your customer communication?

SMS is the best way to connect with today’s consumers, whether for marketing campaigns or customer support. With Clerk, you can text your customers from directly within Slack, using a business number you already have – or a new one. It works with Ring Central, Twilio, Zoom, Vonage, Google Voice, and even existing VoIP and landlines.

To learn more about how Clerk works and its benefits, check out our post SMS text for Slack? Now you can with Clerk.

  • May 26, 2021