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Alexander Haque Co-Founder at Clerk Chat
Alexander Haque

Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

Clerk and Slack’s Future-Gen Platform

Clerk and Slack’s Future-Gen Platform

Have you heard the news? You’ve probably read by now that Slack, the most popular virtual office workplace, is developing its new, future-generation platform. While currently still in Beta mode, Slack’s new platform will make it easier and faster for developers to deliver impactful automations in Slack, including the capability for users to eventually reconfigure functions as well.

But what you maybe haven’t heard yet is that Clerk is already working closely with the Slack engineering teams on this new platform. Clerk will be one of the first Slack applications to take advantage of the new platform, helping to usher in the next era of Slack.

Slack Presence at Oktane Event 2022

One of the first big demonstrations of Slack’s new platform was at this year’s Oktane. Oktane is an industry event for IT leaders and developers, hosted by Okta. Okta is the leading Identity and Access Management company, providing identity verification for businesses’ workforces and customers. After 3 years of virtual events, Oktane 2022 was the company’s 10th annual conference. Bigger and better than ever, it brought together professionals throughout the industry to learn why identity is so important to a business, to preview Okta’s platform and latest developments, and to hear from other industry leaders who are transforming the future.

Weren’t there? You can watch the Oktane 2022 keynotes, in-person breakout sessions, and all the virtual sessions for free.

Okta can integrate with Slack, a leading digital workspace, to provide secure identity management for teams and businesses. This is especially important in industries like healthcare, aerospace and defense, financial services, and insurance. The Slack + Okta integration gives these types of companies the benefit of efficient collaboration via Slack, with the peace of mind that their data and information are secure.

At this year’s Oktane, Slack not only spoke about the benefits of the Okta + Slack integration, but also demonstrated their new platform (including Clerk). They even presented an example Incident Response Bot – using Clerk - that was fully developed on their new platform.

Slack’s Incident Response Bot with Clerk

IT incidents are inevitable – but while it may be impossible to completely stop them from happening, you can still improve your business’s response time. These IT incidents, from server outages to broken code, cost billions of dollars in lost productivity each year. The faster you can resolve these issues, the less disruptive and costly they will be.

Slack at Octane 2022
Slack at Octane 2022

With Slack’s automated Incident Response Bot, the right people are notified about an incident automatically, speeding time to resolution. And with the Clerk integration, the notifications are automatically texted to the appropriate contacts, making sure they are alerted immediately to the incident, with relevant information, even if they aren’t at their computer.

Clerk on the New Platform

Here at Clerk, we aim to stay on the cutting edge of technology. We want to be sure that we are delivering the SMS solutions that our customers need to advance their businesses. That’s why we jumped at the chance to work with Slack and to start taking advantage of their new Next Generation Platform. It’s the future of collaboration. We want to be there.

To that end, we are developing SMS and WhatsApp functions that will be core pieces of Slack’s new platform. The whole premise of the new platform is to have separate functions that users can plug and play with into different applications, customizing for their own unique needs and business models. The platform will make it faster to go from idea to deployment and easier to connect to other services.

Clerk, from the beginning, will be one of these functions, allowing users to easily adapt and implement modular SMS and WhatsApp workflows within their Slack workspace.

Benefits of Clerk + Slack’s New Platform

The core features of Clerk on Slack’s Next Generation Platform are not changing. Clerk will still enable companies to use two-way, real-time SMS natively in Slack. With a new or existing business phone number, Clerk can be used in countless ways to connect internally and externally, improving communication and efficiency:

When you connect SMS to Slack, you connect your business operations directly to your people, whether that’s your employees, your prospects, your third party vendors, or your customers. By consolidating channels, you’ll have better visibility and faster response times. Marketing will have higher ROI, customer satisfaction will skyrocket, time to resolution (TTR) will decrease, and the bottom line is that your bottom line will improve.

With Slack’s new platform, the benefits of SMS will be even easier for companies to realize. Users will be able to easily and quickly deploy automated SMS bots, doing everything from simple welcome text messages to connecting with other third-party platforms, creating seamless workflows that improve business operations.

We can’t wait to see the full rollout of the Slack Next Generation Platform. You can be sure that we’ll be on top of the latest developments. To our current customer base, we’ll be helping you along the way with any transitions.

New to Clerk?

If this is your first time hearing about Clerk, let us introduce ourselves. Clerk is your modern business phone, consolidating communication channels across Slack and Microsoft Teams. In just minutes, you can start texting within Slack, Teams, or Web. You can choose a new phone number or bring an existing number (Clerk works with all carriers, including landlines). Clerk can even be used to share 2FA or MFA codes.

We’re the easy, affordable solution for businesses to harness the power of SMS, while consolidating communication instead of adding yet another program for employees to learn.

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