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Alexander Haque Co-Founder at Clerk Chat
Alexander Haque

Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

How this YC Startup uses Clerk to Power Customer Support

How this YC Startup uses Clerk to Power Customer Support

Twilio Slack Integration

Superior customer support is critical for a growing business and a market innovator. Pawlicy, a Y-combinator / Series A pet insurance advisor that compares pet insurance quotes, uses Clerk for handling customer support inside of Slack.

How Pawlicy uses Slack SMS

Pawlicy is an online-only pet insurance advisor that provides instant comparisons between pet insurance carriers, helping pet owners make informed decisions for their insurance needs. By filling out just one form of information on your pet, Pawlicy provides comparisons and pricing from top pet insurance companies. You can then purchase that policy through their website, enroll and access your new policy immediately.

As an online-only service company, Pawlicy’s digital customer service is centrally important to their business model. Before using Clerk, Pawlicy had an existing business phone number through Twilio. But to better serve their customers, they needed to bring that communication channel inside Slack and make it real-time. They leverage the Twilio Slack integration to make that happen. Now, customer questions that come through their website appear instantly in their customer service Slack channel, where the team can easily reply back.

Benefits of Slack SMS for Pawlicy

Enabling customer support via SMS in Slack is critical to making Pawlicy’s business more customer friendly and ‘reachable’. The new functionality allows multiple support tickets to be seen and answered at the same time, in the same Slack channel. Pawlicy’s customer service team can address customer questions about their pet insurance options more quickly, keeping customers on their website and their purchasing platform.

Pawlicy Advisor
Pawlicy Advisor

Pawlicy’s customer service team can now take advantage of all Slack’s communication benefits with their external communication as well. All the requests are now centralized, searchable, and stored for future access needs. Slack keeps the customer service team organized and makes all requests actionable on one platform, while reducing program switching.

Plus, by connecting their customer service to Slack, the entire team is able to gain insights into customer needs and problems. Pawlicy has been able to bridge external team communication with internal team reactiveness, giving the organization clarity into common issues and unresolved problems that can then be effectively addressed. With everyone on the same page, they can adapt more quickly and prioritize updates, helping this fast-growing company reach and help more pet owners.

Could Clerk Help Your Company Become a Market Leader?

Pawlicy was a novel idea that quickly grew to a Y-Combinator / Series A startup; the Clerk Twilio Slack integration for Slack was part of this success. They are now the leading independent pet insurance marketplace. They have been using Clerk for a year now and receive thousands of messages through the integration. The superior customer service and insight into the customer journey that Slack SMS enables have helped them grow in the right direction and ultimately have helped them advance their business.

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  • April 13, 2021