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Alexander Haque Co-Founder at Clerk Chat
Alexander Haque

Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

Connect Twilio to Slack with Clerk

Connect Twilio to Slack with Clerk

Send and receive SMS with Twilio in Slack

Clerk is getting even better: now users can connect their existing Twilio account and enable SMS functionality in Slack.

The internet is easy for developers to use. The telephone network is not. Twilio has disrupted the traditional phone industry by enabling innovators across every industry to easily use the Internet to connect with customers via traditional voice, text, chat, and video. Twilio is the middleman for the internet and the telephony network, like an AT&T for developers. Instead of connecting directly to the complicated and costly telephony network, companies can custom-create their communication channels on the internet using simple APIs through Twilio to connect those channels to their existing telephone network.

Already, Twilio has helped thousands of companies reach their customers to improve customer service, increase engagement, and deliver superior marketing campaigns, including Instacart, Lyft, and Airbnb.

No surprise then that here at Clerk, many of our existing customers used Twilio to connect with their own customers. And while it was already possible to post to Slack from Twilio, the process was slow and Slack users could not reply to SMS messages. There are even other solutions out there that have tried to address this problem, but they have a delay, too. Twilio + Slack users need to be able to have a real-time conversation through these platforms, the same exact way that team members talk through Slack alone. That’s why we built these capabilities into Clerk.

For over a month, we built and perfected our Twilio + Slack integration. We wanted the experience to be easy and seamless. There are many small nuances we needed to capture in order to keep conversations and threads streamlined in Slack – after all, those capabilities are what make Slack so useful. If those aren’t working right, the essence of Slack is lost.

Clerk SMS
Clerk SMS

With Clerk, connecting your Twilio and Slack account is simple and only takes a few minutes. All you need is your Twilio auth token, Twilio account SID, and the phone number you’d like to associate Clerk with. We handle the rest. Once enabled, you can easily send and receive SMS through your existing Twilio phone number in Slack. It’s easy, it’s real-time, and it’s helping you do business, better.

You can try to build this integration yourself, but trust us, you want to use our custom integration. We’ve spent the time needed to develop and hone this capability, so it just works. Now you can spend your time actually working on your core business and with your customers.

At Clerk, we’re always listening to our customers to help us guide our developments. Every day, we’re working hard to build the best user experience and most helpful solutions our customers need. For more information on Clerk, visit our blog.

  • September 14, 2020