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Alexander Haque Co-Founder at Clerk Chat
Alexander Haque

Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

Shared MFA in Slack - Amazon Seller Central

Shared MFA in Slack - Amazon Seller Central

Business development is impossible without the widespread use of digital technologies, especially in online trading. Millions of people are engaged in commerce on online platforms, the largest of which is Amazon. It’s not surprising, because we live in an information society, which dictates its own terms. The new technologies significantly simplify the development of projects and businesses. But at the same time, they also pose a threat, primarily to the security of data.

If you store accounting information, customer base, employee profiles, corporate secrets, etc., then it’s important that this data does not fall into the wrong hands who can employ it for their own purposes. That is why it is so important to protect data from cybercriminals and use the most modern methods to protect it, including two-factor authentication.

What is two-factor (or multi-factor) authentication?

If you actively use social networks, e-mail, or other online services, then you have probably encountered attempts to steal your data more than once. Today cybercriminals have a wide range of tools that allow them to carry out attacks (for example, phishing, malware, etc.) on users of online resources. Multi factor authentication (MFA) has been developed and implemented to prevent such activity.

MFA is a security system, which verifies multiple authentication factors at once. For example, to login to Amazon account, you will need to use two-factor (the most common type of multi-factor) authentication. It’s a two-step verification, which includes:

  1. Entering username/password
  2. Entering a special code, which you will receive via SMS or authenticator app

Thanks to these simple steps, a criminal, even knowing your username and password, will not be able to get into your Amazon Seller Central.

How effective is 2FA? According to Google statistics, MFA really works and effectively protects users from different types of attacks. The degree of effectiveness depends on the type of threat. For example, two-factor authentication protects against automated attacks and phishing in almost 100% of cases. At the same time, the effectiveness of two-factor authentication for targeted attacks is no more than 70%.

It should be understood that the two-factor authentication is only additional security. If it is compromised, for example, hackers gain access to your SMS or emails, then a secure password will help save your data.

Using the same usernames and passwords for different sites creates additional threats. If an attacker gets a combination from your social network account, he can use it to try to log into your other accounts, including Amazon Seller Central. Therefore, to ensure the best protection, it is recommended to use unique logins, secure passwords, and of course, MFA.

Shared MFA
Shared MFA

Many services, especially those related to the movement of funds, employ such security technology. However, for every Amazon seller, MFA is especially relevant. Today Amazon’s global selling is growing at a fast pace, and more and more people are organizing their business projects with the marketplace. Therefore, Amazon sellers are becoming a target for many cyber fraudsters.

What does the Clerk offer for your business?

We’ve covered the benefits of using 2FA to securely log into Amazon Seller Central. But are there any disadvantages to this security system? Can a certified Amazon seller partner use a client’s MFA?

IT teams, working on multiple platforms (e.g. Google, Apple iCloud, SaaS, etc.), often receive multiple requests for 2FA at the same time. As a result, they face identification problems and often have to make a second request. Of course, this not only slows down the work of employees when serving a large number of clients but also hinders the development of the project itself or a specific business.

Are you juggling between multiple Amazon Seller accounts and reaching out to your customers or employees each time to get the verification code from them? Then Clerk is your irreplaceable assistant. Clerk shared mfa app allows several people to use two-factor authentication for the shared account at once, which will be especially convenient and beneficial in online commerce.

Do you need to consolidate the MFA of your Amazon accounts, but don’t know how? You can easily fix such a problem with the Clerk! Our Slack app automatically filters messages from a given number and sends the desired information to the desired Slack channel. Thanks to this, employees act in accordance with the received message in real-time.

Shared MFA

What are the 2FA use cases available in our Slack app?

  • 2FA SMS is the most common protection option used by many services, including Amazon
  • 2FA Voice calling transcription - Clerk can transcribe incoming calls to receive a code
  • Physical Device Validation - the most secure and effective type of authentication

Thus, Clerk is the ideal solution for agencies and companies, which assist sellers on Amazon and need to log into Amazon Seller Central. Use Clerk as a replacement for google authenticator.

Amazon global selling grows every month. And along with that, the number of sellers is increasing. Newbies or not very experienced in this type of business often turn to Amazon brand management service. The latter’s task is to organize and increase the sales of their client. And the higher the popularity of such an Amazon seller agency, the more customers come to them. How to quickly process 2FA requests from thousands of customers in Slack? That’s right - this is Clerk!

Increase trading volumes and profits with the Clerk and enable shared account access today!

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