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Alexander Haque Co-Founder at Clerk Chat
Alexander Haque

Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

Automate Tasks With Slack Workflows SMS

Automate Tasks With Slack Workflows SMS

Clerk Now Supports Slack Workflows

Sending individual SMS in Slack is great – but you know what’s even better? Being able to automate preset and bulk SMS with Slack. And now you can, because with the latest updates, Clerk now supports Slack workflows.

What are Slack Workflows?

Slack workflows allow you to automate multi-step tasks or processes directly in Slack, even connecting to other tools and services, with no coding required (think of Zappier but native for Slack). For companies that routinely work and communicate in Slack, it is an easy way to streamline processes and reduce program switching during the day, saving valuable time. Any Slack user on a paid plan can use Workflow Builder.

The Slack Workflow Builder is flexible and adaptable, enabling companies to automate many of their most common, routine tasks. It is simple, with an easy-to-use interface that empowers every employee to build their own automations. And with Clerk, you can now automate sending SMS from Slack to employees and customers.

There are two ways to use Slack Workflows: you can build them from scratch, or you can use a pre-built workflow. Luckily, we have a pre-built workflow for sending text messages and bulk SMS in Slack. All you have to do is open the Slack Workflow Builder, choose a trigger, add a workflow step – in this case, an SMS – select your group or individual, type your message, and then save.

Slack Workflows SMS
Slack Workflows SMS

Uses & Benefits of Slack SMS Workflows

Slack Workflows are quickly becoming indispensable for growing organizations that use Slack to power their business. By increasing automation and reducing program-switching, companies can greatly add to the productivity and efficiency of their employees while increasing satisfaction. Growing companies need to be able to do more, more, more. They can with Slack Workflows.

We are so excited to be able to offer our users a Slack workflow to increase your business’s SMS capabilities. It’s one of our biggest updates in a while, and we know that it will be a big help to companies looking to expand their automations.

There are many potential uses of SMS workflows to support employees and customers. For example:

  • Sales: Send bulk SMS for new sales opportunities
  • Support: Sending SMS to customers in Slack
  • Reminders: Trigger SMS notification reminders

Triggers for Slack workflows can be as simple as a set day and time, for example, sending a reminder to employees to submit their timesheets at the end of each week, or can be much more complicated using webhooks. For those of you who do have experience with coding, you can create a workflow triggered by an event in an external service, for example, your company website. Here’s more information on how to use webhooks for more advanced workflows.

Automate your Business Texting with Slack Workflows

The possibilities are endless with our new Slack Workflow. From employee check-ins to customer support, how will you automate your business texting? For more information on how to use Clerk to automate your Slack SMS, check out Slack SMS Workflows.

  • March 22, 2021