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Alexander Haque Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

Alexander Haque

Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

SMS for Microsoft Teams Powered by Clerk

SMS for Microsoft Teams Powered by Clerk

SMS Integration for Microsoft Teams

Can Microsoft Teams use SMS?

For teams and businesses using Microsoft Teams, we’ve developed a seamless SMS integration with Clerk.

This addition to the Clerk repertoire has been months in the making – mostly because of extended back-and-forth with Microsoft. But we are happy to announce that Clerk has finally been approved to be listed in the Microsoft Teams app store. Microsoft Teams users can now integrate their business phone into Microsoft Teams and start sending and receiving text messages from within the platform.

Microsoft Teams SMS and Clerk

Microsoft Teams is a popular business collaboration app, rivaling Slack, designed to connect employees, keep teams organized, and enhance productivity.

We knew that we needed to create an SMS integration for Microsoft Teams, to bring the benefits of business phone text messaging to more businesses. With Clerk, businesses can SMS enable their existing business phone number in Microsoft Teams, giving users the ability to send and receive text messages from directly within the Teams interface.

We’re thrilled that we can now offer this product to companies who want SMS in Microsoft Teams. As of this writing, our integration is still new, and not all of Clerk’s leading SMS features are available yet in Microsoft Teams. But now that we have official approval, we’re working to quickly add features that improve the user experience and functionality of our SMS integration. It’s our plan to catch up to all the capabilities of our original Slack app, with a slew of new updates coming shortly.

Microsoft Teams SMS - Get a Phone Number
Microsoft Teams SMS - Get a Phone Number

Ways to Use SMS Integration for Microsoft Teams

If your company uses Microsoft Teams for its business phone, you need to add SMS functionality. There are enormous operational benefits of text messaging for internal and external communication. Here are just some of the ways businesses are using Clerk:

Field communication: If your company has employees “in the field”, text messaging keeps the field and the office seamlessly connected.

Customer support: One of our most popular use cases – customers love being able to text questions and problems, and it’s easy to keep tickets organized and assign employees in Slack.

Marketing: Texts have a 99% read rate, making it the best way to expand your reach. Text for promos, special offers, and even request reviews.

Scheduling: You’ll decrease no-shows and increase revenue by texting for appointment confirmations, follow-ups, rescheduling, and more.

Benefits of SMS in Microsoft Teams

Business SMS has a multitude of benefits, and these benefits are even greater when you integrate your business phone SMS into Microsoft Teams. When you look at the use cases above, it’s clear how SMS can benefit your business, improving marketing efforts, customer support, scheduling, and more. Consolidating SMS into Microsoft Teams amplifies these initiatives because you make the process easier and more organized for your employees.

Most employees today use dozens of different websites or applications each and every day for their jobs. Each has an important purpose that furthers the business, but with this many programs to use, employees spend much of each day switching between tabs. Every time, this negatively hits productivity and employee satisfaction.

Microsoft Teams already reduces program switching by streamlining internal communication, calendars, and more. And with Clerk, you can integrate tools one step further by adding your business phone SMS communication to the application. When you consolidate communication streams, you reduce errors, improve visibility, and increase employee satisfaction.

Our Slack customers love Clerk – and now companies with Microsoft Teams will, too

Positive feedback on the benefits of SMS in Slack have been beyond what we imagined, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer this integration to Microsoft Teams users, too. Learn more about how enabling business text messaging inside Microsoft Teams could help your business today.

  • January 3, 2022