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Alexander Haque Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

Alexander Haque

Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

SMS text from Slack? Now you can with Clerk

SMS text from Slack? Now you can with Clerk

Your business need text messaging in Slack

SMS is the new email. If you have customers or team members out of the office, one of the best ways to get your message in front of them is through text.

Now that almost everyone has a smartphone, or at least a cellphone, SMS and MMS are becoming consumers’ and employees’ preferred way of connecting with companies and brands. But choosing a platform for this kind of service isn’t always easy. We’re already logged in to emails, CRM tools, website backends – the list is endless. Already using Slack everyday? Don’t add another app or program to your list, just add the Clerk Slack app.

98% of text messages are read and replied to within FIVE minutes. What would that kind of visibility do for your business?

Why does my business need texting from Slack?

Do you want to increase revenue? Improve margins? Simplify operations?

We’re assuming you said YES. For most companies, strategically implementing business texting can improve your business and help you reach your goals. And if you are already using Slack, it is the easiest way to integrate SMS and MMS into your business processes.

Customers Want It

89% of consumers want to use messaging to communicate with businesses.

It simplifies their communication and connection with your business. With texting, they do not have to log in to a separate app to get up-to-date information or send you a message. It’s all part of their message inbox. It’s seen as faster and more convenient than email or phone calls.

The marketplace is crowded. It isn’t easy to get your consumers attention. But 82% of consumers keep notifications on for native SMS messaging apps, meaning your message gets through.

Employees Use It

Using Slack for business texting helps employees connect with customers or other teammates in the field through the program they are already using. It makes their jobs easier, without requiring additional training or another interface. It will be easy to get employees on board with this new process because it is easy for them to use and simplifies their processes.

Owners Love It

Text from Slack is a win-win for owners. Customers are happy, employees are happy, and it supports your business goals without breaking the bank or requiring a long onboarding or set-up process. You can start seeing the benefits as soon as you implement Clerk.

Clerk - SMS in Slack
Clerk - SMS in Slack

How can businesses use SMS and MMS?

For consumer companies, SMS and MMS allows you to be in front of your customers or clients, using their preferred method of communication. Business text messaging is marketing, scheduling, and customer service, all in one.

  • You can announce new product or service launches, you can send coupons or promotion codes, and you can announce sales
  • You can schedule and confirm appointments, plus send appointment reminders to decrease no-show rates
  • You can answer customer questions, get quick customer feedback, and ask for reviews
  • You can send order updates, processing information, and delivery tracking

But B2C companies aren’t the only ones that can benefit from text communication.

  • You can communicate with field techs or salespeople
  • You can organize schedules
  • You can arrange deliveries
  • You can manage and address problems quickly from the field to office

Let’s look at some real ways that companies are communicating with customers from Slack:

Industries that benefit from SMS and MMS


Send offer coupons and discount codes, promote sales, answer customer questions, and provide order and return updates

Support Teams

Address field questions, document customer issues, and send reminders

Real Estate

Schedule home tours, arrange open houses, and make communication with home buyers and sellers quick and easy


Confirm reservations, answer guest questions, reserve spa or dining experiences, and send last-minute promotions to fill empty rooms

Medical Office or Salon/Spa

Schedule and confirm appointments, change treatments, send pre-appointment reminders, and follow-up with reminders and care tips


Announce job openings, communicate with applicants, schedule interviews, and send reminders

Law Firms

Arrange meetings, confirm legal appointments and court dates, and submit document requests


Schedule contractors, confirm deliveries with suppliers, and update clients on progress

Car Dealerships

Set appointments, arrange test drives, send service appointment reminders, and answer sales questions

Politics and Non-Profits

Ask for donations, sell event tickets, promote your cause, and organize volunteers

Insurance Agencies

Provide claims instructions and updates, connect salespeople with the office

Fitness and Physical Therapy

Send wellness tips and workout reminders, answer questions, and schedule appointments

Clerk - Text Messages in Slack
Clerk - Text Messages in Slack

Benefits of using Clerk in Slack

Not all business texting solutions are the same. Clerk is a native Slack app that enables SMS and MMS messaging all through Slack. Customers or field team members text you from their phone, and you reply from Slack. It’s that simple.

But by using Slack as the backend interface, you get tons of extra business texting benefits.

  • Easy to use for employees and customers by integrating with the communication apps they are already using most frequently – native SMS and Slack
  • Stores text communications while keeping them safe and secure
  • Makes text communications easily searchable for future reference
  • Keeps text communications organized through Slack’s easy to use system
  • Allows you to link your business’s current phone number or add a new one
  • Simple and affordable pricing structure

Improve your communication with text from Slack

Whether you are using Clerk Chat for marketing, scheduling, customer service, or internal communication, SMS and MMS from Slack makes it easy to improve your communication processes. Texting is one of the best ways to make sure your messages get through the noise and are heard, loud and clear. And with Clerk, it is easy to add this process to your business, so you can get results right away.

  • April 12, 2020