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Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

10 Reasons Why Your SMS Is Not Delivered

10 Reasons Why Your SMS Is Not Delivered

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Americans send millions of text messages every day. With their help, you can communicate, transfer money, develop your business, etc. Constant communication is very important to reinforce customer trust in your company. Text messages allow you to deliver important advertising information to customers, as well as maintain constant feedback with them. It is an affordable and quick way to inform people about important events and promote your services. Despite the development of the Internet and the emergence of many instant messengers, SMS remains a very popular and inexpensive type of communication.

How often have you found yourself with an undelivered SMS? When it comes to running a business, an undelivered message can bring losses or stop a project in its tracks. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why your SMS may not be delivered to the recipient. Let’s take a closer look and explore some of the reasons behind it.

Why is SMS not reaching the recipient?

Wrong number

The situation is very commonplace, but as experience shows, it occurs quite often. Sometimes, while sending a message, you can make a mistake and enter the wrong number. Therefore, carefully enter the data, and if the SMS was not delivered, then double-check the recipient’s phone number.

The subscriber cannot receive SMS

In some cases, the subscriber cannot receive text messages, i.e. the problem is on their side. There are many reasons for this. For example, the SMS receiving service is not connected, the subscriber is roaming, where SMS receiving is not activated, etc.

Service provider technical failure

Operators today use the most modern communication technologies. Some systems eliminate the possibility of malfunctioning. However, we understand that any technology can fail, even without the malicious influence of third parties. Of course, operators react very quickly to such failures and quickly restore communication. However, your SMS can easily get lost in such a situation even after the telecom operator has restored its work.

The recipient blocked your number

If the subscriber does not want to communicate with you, then he can simply block your number so as not to receive messages and calls from you. You can’t do anything here.

SMS Not Delivered
SMS Not Delivered

Your service provider marked your SMS as spam

As we wrote earlier, SMS messaging is very effective in many types of businesses. Companies are looking for potential customers and buyers. Many telecom operators are struggling with such mailing. To do this, they mark certain groups of messages as spam. Of course, spam is not delivered to subscribers. But, like all automatic systems, it can malfunction and consider your regular SMS malicious. In this case, the subscriber will not receive messages from you.

You have sent a lot of SMS messages

The more people you send SMS at the same time, the higher the chance that the telecom operator will consider such a message as spam. The situation is similar to the one described above.

The subscriber prohibits mailings

A cellular subscriber can disable SMS for any subscriber. In this case, no one will be able to send them a text message. This request has become quite popular these days as many are looking to avoid receiving sms marketing.

Invalid phone number type or landline

Sometimes the number that you are sending to might not have SMS enabled. For example many businesses have phone numbers that are landline only, and sending a message to this number would not be delivered. Your message will just disappear into the ether and won’t be delivered or received. Clerk can help enable text messaging functionality on your landline.

The SMS contains prohibited content

Distribution of prohibited content is not only unacceptable but also punishable by law. It is not surprising that telecom operators are fighting against them and blocking their distribution in controlled communication networks. Unfortunately, there is always the possibility that automated systems will mistake your SMS for such prohibited content. Of course, they will block it and it will not reach the addressee.

The subscriber’s device does not support SMS

Despite the development of modern technology, you can find landline phones in many homes, especially among the elderly. Such devices are physically unable to receive SMS. Therefore, if you send a text to a number that is connected to a landline phone, then the subscriber will not read your message.

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  • March 10, 2021