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Alexander Haque Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

Alexander Haque

Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

How Clerk Revolutionized this Medical Clinic’s Communication

How Clerk Revolutionized this Medical Clinic’s Communication

Industry Spotlight: Audiology Island Customer Success Story

Slack and Clerk aren’t just for tech companies - almost every industry can benefit. Here we’re sharing a real customer success story for a medical office: Audiology Island.

Audiology Island is a hearing clinic serving adult and pediatric patients for hearing aid fittings, rehabilitation programs, education and hearing preservation treatment. Their aim is to be the best audiology clinic by using the latest technologies and methods available - and that includes their operational technologies. To be on the cutting edge of their industry, Audiology Island has incorporated Clerk and Slack into their daily operations.

Effective patient communication is make-or-break for medical offices, both to help patients manage their care and to run a profitable business. But email follow-ups and phone calls are too often ignored, leading to missed appointments and poor patient follow-up. Enter Clerk Chat.

Using Clerk, Audiology Island is taking advantage of SMS and MMS texting, the most direct-to-patient communication channel, to connect with their patients. They are using our technology to set and confirm appointments, ask patients for testimonials and feedback, and provide real time responses from doctors. They’ve reduced no-shows and cancellations, improved rescheduling, and optimized their provider schedules.

Clerk is easy for the office and the patients to use. The office staff can manage all of these administrative duties right from the Slack interface on their desktop, laptop, or tablet. They can also text directly from their cell phone. For patients, Clerk Chat connected to their existing office landline number, making it easy to find and remember. No separate app or login.

Clerk has revolutionized how our office communicates with patients. Our patients have given us great feedback on how easy communication has become with our staff. We’ve always prided ourselves on being industry leaders for hearing treatment; now, we can be industry leaders for technology, too.

Dr. Stella Fulman, AU.D., CCC-A, co-founder of Audiology Island

Even better, Clerk helped Audiology Island navigate the unforeseen challenges and complexities of COVID-19. New regulations and protocols require more remote communication and less in-person touchpoints. By having Clerk already up and running, Audiology Island - and more importantly, their patients - were able to seamlessly adapt to the new realities of care in a COVID-19 world.

For example, patients can directly text the office when they arrive at the clinic. The office can text back to let the patient know when they are ready to be seen, eliminating the need for their in-person waiting room. Or if the patient is simply picking up a hearing aid, the patient can text their car description, and a staff member can safely and quickly deliver the hearing aid directly to the car.

While these precautions are important for every industry and every patient, they are especially important for Audiology Island’s clientele. Hearing problems are more prevalent in the elderly, who are also more at-risk for COVID-19. Clerk has greatly helped Audiology Island continue to provide high-quality care for their entire patient population, so they can maintain their quality of life during this pandemic.

Clerk makes it easy to improve your communication processes, which is more important than ever in today’s environment. There is no better way than SMS and MMS to reach and engage with your patients. Want to see how Clerk can help your medical office? Book a 1-on-1 demo with us today, and we’ll explore your specific needs and how Clerk can help.

  • July 16, 2020