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Alexander Haque Co-Founder at Clerk Chat
Alexander Haque

Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

Finally, a Slack Twilio Integration that Works!

Finally, a Slack Twilio Integration that Works!

We just released our biggest product update yet to Clerk – you are now able to natively connect your Twilio account to Slack! That’s right, you can add your Twilio API credentials and start sending and receiving real-time SMS in Slack.

How is this different than Zapier, IFTTT or Workato integration?

One of the most common questions we get asked is how is this Slack bot different from the other Twilio Slack integration options out there, such as Zapier or Workato. The answer is that our integration works in real time, giving a seamless SMS experience.

Zapier and other no-code tools are slow to sync, meaning it can often take up to 15 minutes for messages to get in and out of your Slack inbox. That’s not a text message. The whole point of SMS and MMS is the instantaneous nature and the visibility.

For users looking for true SMS functionality, a lag is frustrating and makes you less effective. With our real-time integration, using SMS with Twilio for Slack feels the same as if you were chatting with another team member directly in Slack. No lag, just real-time SMS conversations.

What can you do with a real-time Twilio Slack bot?

Our Twilio Slack integration enables companies to take advantage of Slack’s user-friendly interface, like search and threads, plus Twilio’s SMS and MMS business phone capabilities in one centralized location. Messages are stored in Slack threads and replying to the thread replies to the SMS. It gives your team visibility to customer requests and messages as they are happening and keeps conversations organized and actionable in one platform.

You can improve customer service, increase engagement, and deliver superior marketing campaigns while streamlining your internal operations. We built Clerk exclusively on top of Slack so you don’t need a separate web app or site to manage your SMS campaigns. No additional log-ins, accounts, or admins needed. It’s easy.

Slack can be your single source of truth; no more missed messages or forgotten customer questions.

Clerk SMS
Clerk SMS

Why not build the integration yourself?

If you are a developer, you could try to build a basic version of a Twilio Slack integration yourself. But why bother? Our pricing is competitive, and you could be up and running in seconds.

If you try to build the integration yourself, you’ll spend countless hours reading tutorials, building the code and debugging, not to mention the time spent supporting the integration well into the future. With our app, you can be sure you are getting a solution that works, without worrying about code or constant API upgrades.

Clerk’s Twilio SMS to Slack integration is the best on the market

When we released this update on Product Hunt, we reached the #1 product of the day and #3 product of the week. That’s because our product works, and it is needed.

Install is simple: install the Clerk bot to your team, select “choose your own number” and enter your Twilio Auth Token, Twilio Account SID, and the phone number you’d like to associate Clerk with. That’s it. That’s all it takes to consolidate all of your SMS inside of Slack.

Twilio Slack
Twilio Slack

Clerk is the best Slack app for SMS and MMS. Support, sales, marketing, internal and external communications (even with customers who don’t have Slack) – Clerk is helping companies grow their operations. Ready to add Clerk to your Slack? Get started today.

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