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Alexander Haque

Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

How this Vet Clinic Uses Slack SMS to Reach Clients

How this Vet Clinic Uses Slack SMS to Reach Clients

Pets may not be able to text, but their owners can - and want to.

Anne Arundel Veterinary, a large emergency clinic in Annapolis Maryland, wanted to modernize their client communications to include the ability for clients to send and receive text messages from their cell phones. They chose Clerk to enable SMS for their existing landline phone number. Clerk centralized their inbound and outbound SMS in Slack, and allowed them to keep their original voice service and voice provider.

Who is AAVEC – and why did they need landline SMS?

Anne Arundel Veterinary Clinic is a large operation, with dozens of doctors and staff members. They provide general, emergency, specialty care and house calls, 24/7/365. They even do puppy training, dog blood banking, acupuncture and end of life care. With all these people and services, they needed a simple way to keep in touch with clients, while staying organized internally.

They already had a landline phone number that is highly used by their clients. Since a veterinary business is based on repeat clients, the landline phone number has a lot of value – clients have the number saved in their phones, they’ve written it down on boarding facility information sheets, they’ve left it as an emergency contact for pet sitters and babysitters, the list goes on. Simply put, Anne Arundel Clinic needed to keep their existing landline number, but they wanted to add text functionality that helped them reach their clients more easily.

Enabling SMS on the landline with Clerk and Slack

Clerk easily connects to existing landline phone numbers, enabling landlines to send and receive text messages, including in Slack. Clerk let them keep the benefits of their existing phone number and their current voice provider (who Anne Arundel Clinic was happy with), with only the SMS being routed into Slack.

AAVEC chose Slack for their client SMS because of Slack’s internal organization capabilities and features. With such a large team and high volume of clients, the SMS platform is incredibly important. There’s a reason Slack is so popular.

Slack is easy to learn and use, is searchable, and has a clear history to ensure transparency and accountability. The office staff can have it up on their desktops, using it to respond to incoming questions and scheduling requests as well as to send outbound reminders and appointment follow-ups. Slack makes sure that everyone stays on the same page and client requests don’t fall through the cracks.

Since implementing Clerk, the feedback has been resounding: YES. Staff love Clerk and love that everything is consolidated in one platform, Slack. It has made client communication faster and more efficient, improving the business operations and performance. And clients love the ease of texting and text reminders.

Are you ready for Slack SMS?

  • January 19, 2022