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What Is NonVoIP Phone Number?

What Is NonVoIP Phone Number?

Business today cannot exist without digital technology. It is not surprising that team communication tools are gaining popularity so rapidly. Thousands of companies, both large and small, execute on ideas with their entire team using tools like Salesforce and Slack. The key point for any project is communication between employees and clients. The better the connection is, the better the result you will get. Let’s take a closer look at how non-VoIP and VoIP phone numbers can take your project to the next level!

What is a non-VoIP number?

People don’t always understand the difference between VoIP and non-VoIP numbers. Any active user of online services should understand the difference between them, so as not to get into an unpleasant situation and protect personal data.

VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol”. The technology converts information into digital data (ones and zeros) and sends it to a specified address using the Internet. It doesn’t have to be a voice call or message. With VoIP, you can send a text message, hold an online conference or audio broadcast. VoIP numbers, unlike real mobile numbers, are not tied to a geographic location. It’s not surprising that scammers often use VoIP numbers to achieve their goals. That’s why some online services, such as Apple, Facebook, and Paypal, don’t work with VoIP numbers at all for SMS verification.

A non-VoIP number is a real mobile number that is associated with a physical SIM card. It perfectly protects online services and platforms. Thus, it’s easy to distinguish a user from a hacker or malware operation. Non-VoIP USA number will allow you to work with all online services, including financial ones.

What features does a Non-VoIP number provide?

A non-VoIP real phone number opens up vast possibilities and solves several critical security problems at once for one time password authentication (OTP). If you are looking to share multi factor authentication codes with your entire team you will need to get a non-VoIP number. What features does the non-VoIP USA number offer? Here are some of the most significant ones:

Verification Codes

You must go through the registration process to start using a particular online service. It doesn’t matter if it’s a social network (Facebook) or a marketplace (Amazon). They will ask you for a non-VoIP number to complete the registration process and link it to your account.

Enhanced security

Large companies and online services spend a lot of effort and money to protect their users from fraud. Today, hackers have mastered various methods and techniques to obtain user’s personal data. The most effective method of protecting against unauthorized access and similar actions is to confirm the transaction using MFA or OTP. Banks and secure websites enforce you to have a real mobile number. Hence when you are looking to share MFA codes, your team will need a non-VoIP number for verification.

Get all the benefits of real phone numbers with the Clerk

Today, many companies, both small and large, are becoming remote first. Tools such as Slack are becoming indispensable for everyday work. It’s highly customizable software with a number of interesting features. But we’d love to highlight the main one - integration with third-party apps. Thanks to this feature Slack’s possibilities are limitless. Moreover, each startup can configure their workspace to their needs.

Clerk is the best Slack app that greatly expands Slack’s communication capabilities. Our app adds a lot of important features to the workspace. Here are just a few of them:

Working with non-VoIP and VoIP numbers

Clerk offers both VoIP and non-VoIP numbers. Does your business have a large customer base? Clerk will greatly simplify communication with customers and work in general. Experience the benefits of SMS auto-reply, a common channel for all multi-platform two-factor authentication, and 24/7 tech support.

Client communication

Clerk facilitates communication between team members, greatly expanding Slack’s capabilities. Is your client not responding to your email? Send them an SMS.

Contact import

You can easily import all your business contacts from other digital sources like Google or Hubspot with just a few clicks.

Multichannel support

Clerk can simultaneously receive text messages on one or many phone numbers associated with different Slack channels.

Clerk is a simple and essential tool that incorporates text messages into your Slack environment. Expand the team’s possibilities all natively inside of the platform you love and use every day.

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