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Alexander Haque

Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

Integrate WhatsApp for Slack with Clerk

Integrate WhatsApp for Slack with Clerk

Clerk now fully supports WhatsApp inside of Slack! For companies using the WhatsApp app for business, you can connect your existing WhatsApp phone number to Slack to send and receive text messages. This lets companies consolidate communication tools and optimize operations.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app, providing free, secure messaging and calling on phones across the globe. Unlike traditional SMS and MMS messaging, it uses the internet to send text messages, meaning it is not restricted by cellular data networks. It is also known for being inexpensive (compared to traditional SMS and MMS messaging).

WhatsApp now has over 2 billion users from countries around the world. And in many countries, it is the preferred and standard messaging app. WhatsApp users can, obviously, send secure text messages with end-to-end encryption, but they can also use WhatsApp for voice and video calls, voice messaging, photo and video sharing, and even document sharing. It works across various platforms, such as between Android and iOS, and even has a desktop version for both Macs and PCs.

There is even a WhatsApp Business – dedicated business accounts for companies big and small to connect with their customers, providing customer support, answering questions, and delivering important notifications.

Why you need the WhatsApp to Slack integration

This integration was widely requested by our international customers. As mentioned before, WhatsApp is especially popular in other countries and for international communication between countries. But it requires a separate application for businesses to use. For companies who already use Slack but have a WhatsApp phone number to connect with customers, this integration enables them to streamline external and internal communication. Less program switching means more productivity.

Plus, when you integrate these two applications using Clerk, you can also apply all the organizational advantages of Slack to your WhatsApp account. That means you can prioritize, store, and search your WhatsApp communications with the Slack functionality your team is already used to.

Clerk’s WhatsApp + Slack integration works exactly the same way as our original SMS integration. You just connect your WhatsApp phone number during sign-up. With Clerk, you can send and receive messages and share files with customers with your WhatsApp account, all within Slack.

Streamline customer communication with Clerk

Companies of all industries, from healthcare to tech, and of all sizes, from Fortune 500 to startups, rely on Clerk to take advantage of text messaging’s benefits for their business phone lines.

With integrations for Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Salesforce, Clerk enables text messaging on existing business phone numbers, including landlines, VoIP, Twilio, Vonage, Google Voice, RingCentral, and now, WhatsApp. If you’re using WhatsApp, and you’re using Slack, you need to integrate them using Clerk.

Learn more about our WhatsApp integration for Slack.

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