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Alexander Haque Co-Founder at Clerk Chat
Alexander Haque

Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

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Learn all about business communications with our industry-leading publication. With insights on telecom, SMS and AI.

  • Security with Shared Two-Factor Authentication

    Shared two-factor authentication and unified solutions, like Clerk, streamline workflows, enhance data protection, and keep team data secure.

  • Fixed VoIP vs. Non-Fixed VoIP Numbers

    Discover the differences between fixed and non-fixed VoIP numbers, as well as how Clerk can superpower your business communication.

  • Secure Your Business with Shared 2FA: A Complete Guide

    Protect your sensitive data and improve your company’s cyber security with multifactor authentication (MFA) for businesses.

  • How Accounting Firms Can Share Login Verification Codes

    MFA is great for protecting confidential information, but what about when more than one person needs access to an account? At accounting firms, this need occurs frequently. From multiple accountants at the firm to multiple employees and executives on the client side, each account may have numerous people who need access. In these cases, shared logins become a big pain point.

  • Calling Apple Developers: Use Clerk to Share MFA Login Codes

    Are you a developer working on the Apple Developer Platform? Then you know that it requires multi factor authentication (MFA) to login. Clerk MFA allows Apple MFA login codes to be sent to a business number that multiple users can access via Slack, Microsoft Teams, or other platforms.

  • What Is NonVoIP Phone Number?

    A non-VoIP number is a real mobile number that is associated with a physical SIM card. It perfectly protects online services and platforms. Non-VoIP USA number will allow you to login to all online services, including financial ones.

  • Clerk MFA is the Best Solution for SMS Non-VoIP Verification

    Do you need SMS verification for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or any other service? Clerk is not only the best, it is the only legitimate solution on the market that supports non voip phone numbers. We offer our clients real, permanent US phone numbers that will work with all online services for companies and people that need a non-VoIP phone number for multi factor authentication.

  • VoIP and Non-VoIP Phone Numbers for SMS Verification

    Today, almost all online services use SMS verification to verify customer logins. Clerk allows you to receive and share SMS verification codes from any online service and supports both virtual and non-VoIP phone numbers.

  • Shared MFA in Slack - Amazon Seller Central

    Easily consolidate MFA one time passwords of your Amazon accounts in Slack. Are you juggling between multiple Amazon Seller accounts and reaching out to your customers or employees each time to get the verification code from them? Then Clerk is your irreplaceable assistant.

  • Two Factor Authentication for Shared Accounts in Slack

    One of our largest requests at Clerk comes from support teams looking to consolidate Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) codes to their team.