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Alexander Haque Co-Founder at Clerk Chat
Alexander Haque

Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

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  • SMS Compliance for Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Web

    SMS compliance protects customers’ privacy and ensures that they receive messages that are relevant and helpful to them. This is a way for a business to maintain trust and confidence - important factors in reaching goals of increased sales and/or customer loyalty and retention.

  • Clerk and Slack’s Future-Gen Platform

    One of the first big demonstrations of Slack’s new platform was at this year’s Oktane. The whole premise of the new platform is to have separate functions that users can plug and play with into different applications. Clerk will be one of these functions, allowing users to easily add SMS and WhatsApp workflows to their Slack workspace.

  • Slack SMS: Should I Use Channels or Threads?

    Clerk supports sending and receiving SMS in Slack in both channels and threads. Channels and threads are two of the main Slack organizational methods. In fact, Slack’s distinction between the two are part of what makes Slack so powerful and user friendly. When used correctly and deployed in the right use case scenarios, threads and channels make Slack an organized, efficient collaboration method.

  • How This Startup Uses Clerk to Run Their Business

    Boompay is a revolutionary app that lets users report rent payments to build their credit score and split rent payments into installments. The team wanted to streamline communication by adding text messaging capabilities to Slack. With Clerk, they did just that by integrating SMS to their Slack workspace. Now they can use SMS internally with all of their teams as well as externally with third-party vendors.

  • Integrate WhatsApp for Slack with Clerk

    Clerk now fully supports WhatsApp inside of Slack! For companies using the WhatsApp app for business, you can connect your existing WhatsApp phone number to Slack to send and receive text messages. This lets companies consolidate communication tools and optimize operations.

  • Silence Notifications with Slack’s Do Not Disturb Feature

    Just as our phones are our number one communication tool offline, for many employees, Slack is their number one communication tool for work. There are a couple of options for implementing Slack’s Do Not Disturb feature. They can be accessed from the bell icon at the top of your navigation pane. Both pause all notifications and @mentions while in DND mode.

  • Get Email for Slack with Clerk’s Newest App

    Have you ever wished you could connect Slack to email? Now you can send and receive email in Slack with Clerk. It’s time to break email out of siloed inboxes, reduce program switching, and increase team collaboration with email in Slack.

  • Slack App Directory - What Is It And How To Use It?

    The Slack app directory contains thousands of applications that you can integrate with and use to improve communication between employees and increase efficiency. Thanks to the intuitive interface and detailed descriptions, you can easily choose the Slack apps you need for your company.

  • SMS Auto Reply Examples to Boost Your Business

    Slack SMS auto reply allows you to send pre-prepared personalized phrases in response to customer messages without human intervention. Expand opportunities for customer communication.

  • The Most Popular and Effective Slack Wikis

    We have tested various wikis for Slack and prepared the most effective and useful ones that really improve your remote work efficiency.