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Connect your Business Inbox to Slack and start emailing your customers in real-time. Centralize your email and respond to customer and vendor requests with the entire team.


Send & Receive Email In Slack

Bring email out of siloed inboxes and into Slack and quickly collaborate with your entire team.

Add To Slack

Experience Email in Slack

Consolidate email in Slack and spark a discussion with your team around relevant customer insights and support questions. No longer switch between multiple tools and lose time to monitor separate conversations about the same topic.

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Slack Email

Shared Inbox

Email to Slack channel

Your staff can now have their own private Email channel or you can have a centralized inbox channel for everyone to collaborate with. Clerk keeps track of your conversations in a tidy thread that is persistent.

Clerk works in one or many channels

Add your business email to any channel and coordinate on email with your entire team.

Search in Slack

Emails are indexed in the same way that regular messages are so that anyone on your team can search for them.

Slack Email

Connect Your Inbox

Stop switching between multiple siloed tools and start collaborating as a team. Take care of email right from Slack.


The ease and simplicity of Gmail Inbox natively in Slack.


Experience Outlook in Slack, focus your attention and information in Slack.

Yahoo Mail

Email collaboration across Yahoo and Slack platforms at the same time.

Slack Gmail Integration

Add native email capabilities to Slack. Send messages and include attachments along with the email as well.

Sync your Contacts

We've built dedicated integrations to help you import your contacts from the leading systems such as Hubspot, Google, Salesforce and CSV...

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Use Salesforce and Slack together to manage your conversations.

Google Contacts
Google Contacts

Import your contacts directly from Google contacts.


Load your Hubspot contacts and lists and start texting your customers.

Google Sheets
Google Sheets

Use sheets as a universal addressbook. Import CSV, share with teammates...

Clerk Email

The power of email now inside of Slack. Connect your Inbox, send and receive email andcollaborate with your team in Slack.

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Send & Receive Email in Slack
Unlimited Team Members
Unlimited Slack Channels
Attachment Support
Unlimited Emails10 emails

Trusted by leading companies

From startups to the Fortune 500, Clerk is the most visual and simple way for teams to comminicate via text message in Slack.

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Helpful answers

We know there's a lot to learn and read about all that Clerk can do. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Connect your email to Slack and start sending and receiving email in any Slack channel. Email in Slack is perfect for customer support, marketing, and team communication.

Not yet. While in Beta we only allow for one email address to be added. If you would like to enable multiple emails reach out to Clerk support team.

Absolutely. Please reach out to and we will get back to you asap.

Connect your existing team email like, to Slack and collaborate over external emails in seconds. Quickly compose new emails while keeping your entire team in the loop, chat internally about email threads and increase your customer response time by 10x.

Send and receive files and images attached to your emails directly in Slack. To send an email attachment just drag and drop it into a Slack thread with your customer.

Clerk has a number of unique Slack integrations with tools such as Hubspot, Gsuite, Salesforce.

*Chat with us! Talk to a real customer success specialist, respond in less than 90 seconds hours 8:00 am - 8:00 pm EST