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Alexander Haque Co-Founder at Clerk Chat
Alexander Haque

Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

Texting App for PC

Elevate your customer conversations with the ultimate texting app for computer, Clerk Chat. Connect, communicate, and collaborate effortlessly from your PC.

Trusted by 1000+ brands on Microsoft Teams

From startups to the Fortune 500, Clerk Chat is the most visual and simple way for your team to unlock conversational messaging.

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Maximize Efficiency with the Leading Desktop Texting App

Simplify your workflow and enhance client interaction by sending SMS from your PC with Clerk Chat.

  • Centralized Communication Hub
    Centralized Communication Hub

    Clerk Chat transforms your PC into a powerful communication tool, allowing your team to send and receive messages without needing to switch devices. This centralization saves time and boosts productivity, enabling a smoother operational flow.

  • Immediate Response Advantage
    Immediate Response Advantage

    By utilizing a desktop texting app, businesses can reply to customer inquiries with lightning speed. This immediate response capability ensures that customer queries are addressed promptly, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Enhanced Collaboration Across Teams
    Enhanced Collaboration Across Teams

    Clerk Chat facilitates seamless collaboration among team members by allowing messages to be sent and received from a desktop interface. This enhances coordination on projects, ensures timely updates, and fosters a collaborative work environment that drives success.

What Is Desktop Texting App?

A desktop texting app is a revolutionary tool that allows users to send and receive SMS messages directly from their computer. This technology bridges the gap between traditional texting on mobile phones and the expansive capabilities of a PC.

Experience the freedom of texting without boundaries. Elevate your messaging strategy with Clerk Chat, the premier desktop texting app for seamless communication.

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Effortless Clerk Chat Setup in Three Quick Steps

Transform your PC into a messaging powerhouse with Clerk Chat’s easy setup. Dive into a world where connecting with clients through text is simplified, enhancing your business communication instantly.

  • 1. Download and Install Clerk Chat 🖥️

    Begin by downloading the Clerk Chat app for your desktop. Installation is quick and straightforward, setting the stage for enhanced communication.

  • 2. Connect Your Business Number 🔗

    Link your existing business phone number to Clerk Chat. This step integrates your number, allowing you to maintain consistency across all customer interactions.

  • 3. Start Texting from Your PC 💬

    With your number connected, begin sending and receiving texts directly from your desktop. Experience the ease of managing conversations on a larger screen.

Alexander Haque Co-Founder at Clerk Chat
Alexander Haque

Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

how it works

Streamline Your Business Communication

Efficiently manage customer interactions and team collaboration from your PC.

  • Customer Service Excellence

    Quickly resolve queries and boost satisfaction with instant desktop messaging.

  • Sales and Marketing Campaigns

    Drive revenue with targeted, timely promotions directly from your computer.

  • Team Coordination and Updates

    Keep everyone on the same page, ensuring smooth project progression.

  • Event Management and Notifications

    Ensure high turnout for events with easy, centralized messaging blasts.

Clerk Chat: Revolutionize Your Texting Game from Your PC

Elevate your messaging, redefine connectivity

  • Group SMS

    Send a text to multiple people at the same time. Collab on a team project, send updates to contractors, plan events, and more

  • AI Assistant

    Feed a Knowledge Base with company documents and watch the AI become your sales or support agent

  • Message Threads

    Conversations within conversations. Keep internal replies to a specific message organized and separate from the main chat

  • Custom Signatures

    Automatically add a short text block to the end of your outgoing messages. Customize with info like name, title, and email address

  • Schedule Messages

    Write a text message now, and choose when you want to send it. Even once the SMS is scheduled you have the option to modify or delete

  • Instant Number Activation

    Create a new inbox and you have the option to get a new phone number or activate an existing line. Follow the steps, and you’ll be able to send texts from your business

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Helpful answers

We know there's a lot to learn and read about all that Clerk Chat can do. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

  • Clerk Chat elevates business communication by centralizing messaging capabilities on your PC, allowing for swift responses to customer inquiries and enhanced team collaboration. Its seamless integration with existing business numbers and platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams makes it an indispensable tool for client interaction and operational efficiency.
  • Clerk Chat prioritizes the protection of customer data with stringent security measures, including hosting on AWS FedRAMP authorized environments. Its compliance with SMS regulations and easy subscriber opt-out options ensures businesses can confidently connect with their audience while adhering to industry standards.
  • Yes, Clerk Chat is designed to support both large-scale messaging campaigns and one-on-one personalized interactions. With features like dynamic cohorts for targeted communications and AI-powered assistants for tailored customer service, businesses can effectively manage diverse messaging needs.
  • Setting up Clerk Chat is a straightforward three-step process: download and install the app on your desktop, connect your existing business number, and start sending or receiving messages instantly. This ease of setup makes it accessible for businesses eager to integrate advanced texting capabilities into their operations quickly.
  • Using a desktop SMS platform such as Clerk Chat offers several advantages, including the ability to manage conversations on a larger screen, enhanced typing speed and accuracy with a full-size keyboard, and integration into existing workflows for better multitasking capabilities. These benefits lead to more efficient communication strategies and improved productivity.
  • By integrating seamlessly with CRM systems, Clerk Chat enables sales and marketing teams to access valuable customer information during interactions. This integration facilitates targeted communication strategies, timely follow-ups, personalized promotions, leading to increased engagement rates and revenue opportunities.