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Alexander Haque Co-Founder at Clerk Chat
Alexander Haque

Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

Employee Texting Platform

Elevate your workplace collaboration with Clerk Chat's SMS employee communication. Connect and coordinate effortlessly inside your organization. Welcome to smarter, swifter team interactions.

Trusted by 1000+ brands on Microsoft Teams

From startups to the Fortune 500, Clerk Chat is the most visual and simple way for your team to unlock conversational messaging.

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Boost Team Engagement with Our Mass Texting Service for Employees

Forge stronger connections within your workforce using our mass text employees feature. Enhance internal communication effortlessly and instantly.

  • Elevated Internal Coordination
    Elevated Internal Coordination

    Our mass texting service for employees streamlines the coordination of meetings, updates, and urgent alerts. By delivering messages directly to employees' phones, we ensure that critical information is received and acted upon swiftly, keeping everyone in the loop and on schedule.

  • Immediate Information Dissemination
    Immediate Information Dissemination

    When time-sensitive information needs to be shared, our platform enables you to mass text employees efficiently. This ensures that every team member receives updates simultaneously, eliminating delays and potential misinformation that can occur with traditional communication methods.

  • Enhanced Engagement and Feedback Loop
    Enhanced Engagement and Feedback Loop

    Engaging your team is easier than ever with our targeted SMS capabilities. Encourage feedback on initiatives or quick responses to surveys by sending direct links via SMS. This not only boosts engagement but also fosters a culture of openness and prompt feedback, leading to continual improvement in processes and satisfaction.

What Is Internal SMS?

Internal SMS is a dynamic communication tool that revolutionizes the way organizations interact with their workforce. By integrating an employee texting platform into your company's operations, you can facilitate real-time information exchange, streamline internal processes, and bolster team collaboration.

Make the shift towards a more connected and informed workplace environment. Enhance your corporate communication strategy with our cutting-edge employee messaging system now.

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Streamline Your Team's Communication with Easy Employee Text Setup

Boost your team's productivity and ensure no message goes unnoticed with our simple setup process for mass text employees. Our platform is designed to keep your workforce connected and informed, making internal communication more efficient than ever.

  • 1. Choose Your Plan 🌟

    Select the plan that fits your organization's size and needs. Ideal for businesses of all scales.

  • 2. Integrate Your Employee Contacts 📲

    Easily import or input your employee contact list into our system for streamlined communication.

  • 3. Craft and Send Your Message 📨

    Compose your message, whether it's an update, alert, or announcement, and send it instantly to your team.

Alexander Haque Co-Founder at Clerk Chat
Alexander Haque

Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

how it works

Empower Your Team, Elevate Productivity

Facilitate swift decision-making and keep your team aligned with targeted SMS notifications.

  • Emergency Updates

    Quickly inform staff about critical situations for immediate awareness and action.

  • Shift Changes

    Notify employees instantly about shift adjustments, ensuring operational continuity.

  • Company Announcements

    Share exciting news directly to everyone's phone, keeping the team informed and engaged.

  • Event Reminders

    Boost event participation with timely reminders, ensuring no one misses out on important gatherings.

Revolutionize Your Internal Communications with Clerk Chat

Seamlessly connect your entire organization

  • Group SMS

    Send a text to multiple people at the same time. Collab on a team project, send updates to contractors, plan events, and more

  • AI Assistant

    Feed a Knowledge Base with company documents and watch the AI become your sales or support agent

  • Message Threads

    Conversations within conversations. Keep internal replies to a specific message organized and separate from the main chat

  • Custom Signatures

    Automatically add a short text block to the end of your outgoing messages. Customize with info like name, title, and email address

  • Schedule Messages

    Write a text message now, and choose when you want to send it. Even once the SMS is scheduled you have the option to modify or delete

  • Instant Number Activation

    Create a new inbox and you have the option to get a new phone number or activate an existing line. Follow the steps, and you’ll be able to send texts from your business

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Helpful answers

We know there's a lot to learn and read about all that Clerk Chat can do. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

  • Clerk Chat introduces an advanced employee messaging system that revolutionizes traditional workplace interactions. By enabling real-time SMS exchanges, it facilitates immediate information sharing and coordination, thus fostering a more connected and responsive organizational environment.
  • Clerk Chat stands out due to its seamless integration with existing business systems like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Salesforce. This integration ensures that messages reach employees directly on their phones, through a platform they're already familiar with, making it both efficient and user-friendly. Additionally, its AI-powered responses and ability to send mass text messages to employees free of charge add significant value.
  • Absolutely. The platform's capability to send mass text messages to employees ensures that urgent alerts and critical updates are communicated instantly. This feature is invaluable for maintaining safety and ensuring swift action in emergency situations.
  • By utilizing the internal SMS feature, companies can significantly reduce the time spent on coordinating meetings, disseminating information, and gathering feedback. The immediacy of sms employee communication ensures that decisions are made quickly and everyone stays informed in real-time, ultimately boosting overall productivity.
  • Not at all. Setting up Clerk Chat is straightforward: choose a plan that suits your business size and needs, integrate your employee contacts into the system, and start crafting your messages. This simplicity ensures your team can be connected and informed without any technical hurdles or delays.
  • Clerk Chat prioritizes data security and compliance with all relevant SMS regulations. It operates on a consent-based approach wherein employees opt-in to receive messages, ensuring transparency and respect for privacy. Furthermore, being hosted on AWS which is FedRAMP authorized highlights its commitment to maintaining the highest standards of data protection.