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Alexander Haque Co-Founder at Clerk Chat
Alexander Haque

Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

Microsoft Dynamics SMS Integration

Microsoft Dynamics SMS integration allows you to combine SMS texting with business communications. Find out the reasons why Clerk Chat is Microsoft’s preferred partner.

Microsoft Dynamics SMS integration on the same phone number.

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From startups to the Fortune 500, Clerk Chat is the most visual and simple way for your team to unlock conversational messaging.

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Key features Key features
  • Send Scheduled Messages

    Send Scheduled Messages

    With Clerk Chat’s scheduling feature, you can plan messages and have control over when they’re sent. This feature lets you write a message, edit it if needed, and choose the exact day and time that it should be sent. Keep your calling with them - bring your conversational messaging to us.

    Entrust Microsoft Dynamics SMS integration with Clerk Chat.

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  • Explore AI as a Sales or Support Assistant

    Explore AI as a Sales or Support Assistant

    Our AI assistant is not like others. After the Microsoft Dynamics SMS integration and creating a knowledge base by uploading relevant pdfs and docs from your website, the assistant will learn about your customers for scaled-up concierge-level sales.

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Transform Your Business Communication with Microsoft Dynamics SMS Integration

  • Elevate Customer Interactions
    Elevate Customer Interactions

    Enhance customer engagement with seamless SMS capabilities directly from your Microsoft Dynamics environment. The Microsoft Dynamics SMS integration by Clerk Chat enables direct, personalized communication without leaving your CRM, streamlining conversations and ensuring timely responses.

  • Drive Targeted Campaigns
    Drive Targeted Campaigns

    Boost your marketing with targeted, personalized SMS campaigns using insights from Microsoft Dynamics. Send promotions, reminders, and updates that resonate, driving higher engagement and strengthening customer connections with impactful messaging strategies.

  • Simplify Operations
    Simplify Operations

    Optimize team efficiency with simplified contact management and streamlined workflows. Ensure secure, compliant SMS practices, protecting customer data and adhering to regulations, while focusing on delivering exceptional service and driving business growth.

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Helpful answers

We know there's a lot to learn and read about all that Clerk can do. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

  • Microsoft Dynamics streamlines business operations, aiming for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. By linking Clerk Chat with Microsoft Dynamics through the Integrations Settings, you can enable your number to send SMS messages to contacts via Clerk Chat. To achieve this, you'll need access to your Microsoft Dynamics workspace URL. Integrating Clerk Chat with Microsoft Dynamics simplifies appointment management, reminder sending, attendance confirmation, information sharing, and enhances engagement with clients and prospects. Automated and instant SMS workflows enhance outcomes in appointment scheduling, lead nurturing, support ticket management, and more.
  • SMS Office 365 offers several advantages over email for business communication. It boasts higher open and response rates, with texts typically read within minutes of receipt, ensuring prompt attention to important messages. SMS is more direct and personal, often leading to better engagement from recipients. It's also more accessible, as it doesn't require an internet connection, making it ideal for reaching people in areas with limited connectivity.
  • SMS facilitates real-time and relevant mobile communication directly in Dynamics 365 for marketing, sales, service delivery, and retention. It grabs attention and enables conversational interactions. Send confirmations, reminders, and promotions, ask for feedback - and get guaranteed answers.
  • Yes, Microsoft Dynamics SMS enables you to automate workflows for tasks like lead assignment, support ticket generation, appointment setting, and other processes. To achieve this, you can configure specific SMS keywords, and the recipient's response will dictate the subsequent action. For instance, an SMS from a new potential client can quickly generate a lead record and send an email notification to sales representatives. SMS messages from customers can automatically create support tickets and notify service agents.
  • When using Clerk Chat and the Microsoft Dynamics SMS integration for text messaging, only the recipient and individuals with access to the originating inbox can view the SMS history. This access can be tailored in Clerk Chat Settings. It's crucial to remember that users must have the appropriate permissions to send text messages within Dynamics.
  • Many businesses prefer to use specialized business conversational messaging software like Clerk Chat. Clerk Chat provides an enterprise-grade platform with robust SMS management features including workflows, analytics, and contact customization. By using Clerk Chat’s Microsoft Dynamics SMS integration, companies can seamlessly and securely send SMS messages to their clients and customers.