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Alexander Haque Co-Founder at Clerk Chat
Alexander Haque

Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

Microsoft Teams SMS

Finally a solution that unifies texting and calling on the same Microsoft Teams phone number. Find out why Clerk Chat is Microsoft’s preferred messaging partner.

Microsoft Teams SMS Integration on the same phone number.

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Trusted by 1000+ brands on Microsoft Teams

From startups to the Fortune 500, Clerk Chat is the most visual and simple way for your team to unlock conversational messaging.

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Key features Key features
  • Bring Your Own Number

    Bring Your Own Number

    We support modern messaging on all the major VoIP platforms.

    Keep your calling with your existing phone carrier, and bring your conversations to us. Entrust SMS Teams integration to Clerk Chat.

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  • Never Miss SMS Notifications

    Never Miss SMS Notifications

    Integrating right inside of Microsoft Teams means you get all desktop and mobile push and banner notifications.

    Even better, we integrate right inside the activity panel so notifications show up natively.

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  • Control User Access

    Control User Access

    Create an App Setup policy to ensure only authorized users get access to Clerk Chat.

    Create custom permissions, auto pin the app to the sidebar, and have full control and flexibility over your licenses.

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  • View Team Usage & Analytics

    View Team Usage & Analytics

    Make sure you're getting the most out of Clerk Chat with robust analytics and drill-downs to see how your company is performing on the most popular communication channels like SMS, WhatsApp and iMessage.

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Microsoft Teams SMS Integration

With Clerk Chat, your business can quickly establish a direct connection to Microsoft Teams. We enable SMS, WhatsApp, and iMessage functionality with any Operator Connect phone carrier. Don't have one? No need to worry as we have a solution for you.

Microsoft Operator Connect

Integrate with Microsoft products you already use and love.

We are Microsoft’s preferred messaging partner for a reason: all your contacts, conversations, and data are not only protected but also synced and archived automatically.

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  • Microsoft Outlook

    Microsoft Outlook

    One click to sync. Instantly pull in all your contacts and their key information like birthday, department, role etc.

    Clerk Chat
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  • Microsoft Dynamics

    Microsoft Dynamics

    Integrate with the leading CRM natively built for Microsoft Teams. Send messages to lists and groups to drive revenue.

    Clerk Chat
    More about Dynamics
  • Microsoft Purview

    Microsoft Purview

    Easily archive your text message data for compliance and e-discovery. A legal and compliance officer's dream come true.

    Clerk Chat
    More about Purview

Helpful answers

We know there's a lot to learn and read about all that Clerk can do. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

  • The best way to send and receive text messages in Microsoft Teams is by using specifically developed third-party tools. Clerk Chat seamlessly integrates SMS capabilities into Teams, enabling users to have conversations with customers and prospects right in Teams. With Clerk's Teams SMS integration, you get a full suite of text messaging features without needing a separate platform or phone number. Leveraging Clerk Chat in Microsoft Teams provides a unified communication hub for messaging contacts by SMS or Teams chat.
  • Yes, with Clerk’s SMS Teams integration, you can use your existing business phone number to send and receive text messages in Microsoft Teams. Clerk Chat enables integrating any phone number into Teams for SMS capabilities, whether it's a toll-free number, landline, or mobile number. We will activate your existing number and configure it to work seamlessly in Teams. With Clerk, your phone number and identity persist in Microsoft Teams text messaging.
  • Yes, our Teams SMS integration supports using multiple phone numbers across different Teams channels and chats for your text messaging needs. You can have a dedicated phone number for your sales department, a local landline number for your customer service channel, and separate phone numbers for various teams - all integrated into Microsoft Teams.
  • Absolutely. Please reach out to support@clerk.chat, and we will get back to you ASAP. Don’t hesitate to ask anything about Microsoft Teams SMS integration. We are here to help answer all your questions.
  • Clerk Chat enables SMS campaign functionality directly within Microsoft Teams. With our feature for sending bulk SMS, you can craft text message campaigns for audiences of any size, from small groups for localized promotions to extensive contact lists for broad campaigns. Utilize Clerk's SMS Teams integration to connect with customers, potential clients, employees, or other contacts right in their text messaging inboxes, all while efficiently managing it within Microsoft Teams.
  • ​​Yes, Clerk Chat provides full support for rich messaging capabilities through Teams SMS integration, including emojis and media messages. Send emojis to add personality and fun to your texts. Attach images from your device or insert from Teams to share visual information over text. Clerk ensures your text messaging experience in Microsoft Teams mirrors the capabilities of your mobile phone.
  • Operator Connect provides an easy way to make and receive calls directly in Microsoft Teams. With Clerk Chat's Microsoft Teams SMS integration, companies can manage phone numbers and monitor call connections through the Teams admin portal. This consolidates communications into a single Teams interface. Activating Operator Connect eliminates the need for separate calling platforms by bringing native calling capabilities into Teams for a unified communication experience.
  • Yes, Clerk Chat for Teams seamlessly integrates with popular external CRM platforms like Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, and Salesforce. With Clerk's Microsoft Teams SMS integration, your messaging remains connected to broader systems and databases your business relies on.

"Conversational messaging is transforming the way companies engage with customers. Start creating personalized concierge-style conversations today."

Alexander Haque

Alexander Haque

Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

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