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Alexander Haque Co-Founder at Clerk Chat
Alexander Haque

Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

Slack SMS Integration: Streamline Your Communication

Discover how Slack SMS Integration by Clerk Chat enhances your team's efficiency. Send, receive, and manage SMS and WhatsApp messages directly in Slack for seamless communication.

Finally, an SMS service built entirely for Slack.

Either bring your existing number, or choose your own, and immediately give your business line super-powers inside of Slack.

  • Activate SMS in Microsoft Teams
    Send and Receive SMS in Slack

    Like a cellphone for your entire team, forward SMS to a Slack channel and let your team gain visibility to customer requests and messages in real-time. No more reliance on one central cellphone or VoIP system with missed messages and upset customers.

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  • Activate SMS in Microsoft Teams
    Support Customers on WhatsApp

    Add your business phone line to any channel and even bring multiple numbers to multiple channels, it is entirely up to you. Clerk keeps your external SMS and WhatsApp conversations in threads or channels all inside of Slack.

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Features Customers Love

  • 2FA Verification Codes

    Receive your account verification codes and access your shared accounts easily, and securely with Clerk Non-VoIP numbers.

  • Twilio Slack Integration

    Connect Twilio to send, receive, and reply to SMS and MMS messages from Slack in realtime.

  • WhatsApp Slack Integration

    Send and receive WhatsApp text messages, pictures, videos, audio, GIFs, and documents all in your Slack workspace.

Scheduled Slack SMS Campaigns

95% of SMS are read in the first 5 minutes. Included in all plans, you can start sending important alerts, thousands of messages, marketing campaigns or promotions in one click. You can even schedule multiple SMS campaigns minutes, days and weeks in advance.

Scheduled Slack SMS Campaigns
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Your Business Phone in Slack

Enable powerful add-ons that turn Slack into a telephony powerhouse all simplified in the app you already love.

  • Additional Numbers
    Additional Numbers

    Want to give customers the ability to text several numbers? Maybe you need a different number for customer support, sales or appointments.

  • IVR Menu
    IVR Menu

    Interact with callers and gather information by giving them choices via a menu. Performs business actions based on the answers.

  • Toll Free Numbers
    Toll Free Numbers

    1-800 numbers are also supported in Clerk! Let your customers text your global support system, right in Slack.

  • Call Forwarding
    Call Forwarding

    Never miss a call with Clerk - push all incoming calls to a number of your choice.

  • Voicemail

    Let your customers leave you a voicemail. The message gets automatically transcribed so you can both listen to it or read it right in your Slack channel.

  • Automation

    Don't leave your clients hanging. Setup automatic responses and keywords for when your business is closed or for the first time a client texts you to welcome them.

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  • 👶 Starter

    for individuals & small teams

    $ 29.99 per month

    • 250 SMS / month
    • Unlimited Users
    • 1 Phone Number
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  • 💼 Enterprise

    for high volume usage and enterprise

    Custom per month

    • Customized limits
    • Whiteglove onboarding
    • Premium support
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Trusted by 1000+ Brands

From startups to the Fortune 500, Clerk Chat is the most compliant and simple way for your team to unlock conversational messaging, bridging customers, desk-less workers, staff and everyone in between, all within your organization.

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Quick Start Guides

Add Clerk, send SMS and get to work.

Slack 101- Intro To Slack

Slack 101- Intro To Slack

Watch this video for a quick tour on how to get started in Slack.

Intro To Clerk - Send Your First SMS

Intro To Clerk - Send Your First SMS

Step-by-step guide to get Clerk up and running on your Slack team. Step-by-step guide to get Clerk up and running on your Slack team.

Add To Slack Add To Slack