SMS Notifications & Alerts

Send emergency SMS in situations where immediate action is necessary. Businesses, schools and other organizations use Clerk to send bulk Slack SMS alerts to thousands of employees, students, contractors, and members.

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Send SMS Notifications From Slack

SMS alerts can be used to communicate with staff, contractors and remote employees. Send important updates that need immediate attention to your entire workforce at once all through Slack SMS.

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SMS Alerts

Emergency SMS

Text messages are the most reliable communication option, with almost all cellphones are compatible with SMS.

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New messages

ALL CLEAR given. The emergency has ended. Everyone can now return to the office. Thank you for your cooperation.

Emergency SMS

Powerful During Emergencies, Useful Every Day

In addition to providing an effective system of emergency text notification, Clerk can help enhance internal business communications via internal text messaging.

Send SMS in Case of Emergencies

Send bulk SMS alerts to thousands of employees in situations where immediate action is necessary.

Two-Way Communication

Ask for status updates or request responses. Recipients can respond quickly and easily from wherever they are.


Some quick example text to build on the card title and make up the bulk of the card's content.

Resolve Emergencies Quickly

Use SMS and Slack to organize staff and quickly resolve issues.