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Do You Support MMS?

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Team Clerk May 31, 2020

Clerk supports sending and receiving inbound and outbound MMS (media messages) right in Slack both on desktop and mobile apps.

Sending an image from Slack Desktop App

Inside of your Clerk SMS thread click on the Attach File.

Click on Attach File

Sending an image from Slack Mobile App

Slack UI sometimes hides the Attach File button. If you see the screen below, click the blue arrow pointing left to see the full Slack menu.

Click on Attach File

To send an image from your from your Slack mobile thread click on Attach File.

Click on Attach File

Supported Media File Types

Clerk offers support for common image file types: png, jpeg, and gif.

Media Size Limits

When you send an outbound message, the total message size must be under the maximum size of 5 MB

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