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Enabling Clerk Voicemail

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Team Clerk Sep 12, 2020

This feature is only available on the API plan. Once connected you will receive both the voice recording and the transcript right your default Clerk Slack channel. Setting up Clerk voicemail on your Twilio account is pretty straight forward and involves the following steps:

Creating a Twilio Studio

Navigate to Twilio Studio and create a new studio flow.

Create a new studio flow

Add a voicemail greeting by connecting a Say/Play widget to your Incoming Call Trigger. Once connected you can either upload your own voicemail greeting or type in a digital voice text.

Add a Record Voicemail Widget and connect it to your Say/Play widget.

Add a Transcription Callback URL:

Click Save and then Publish.

Customize Studio Flow

Attaching Twilio Studio Flow To Your Phone Number

Navigate to your Active Numbers and select the phone number.

Under the A Call Comes In section, select Studio Flow and then select the studio flow you have created in the previous step. In our example we select Click Save.

Select Studio Flow

Your Voicemail and Transcription is now activated and will appear in your Slack as soon as a call comes in.

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