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Two Factor Authentication

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Team Clerk Sep 30, 2020

Clerk’s Two Factor Authentiction (or Multi-Factor) Authentication (MFA) add-on allows you to receive verification codes all consolidated in Slack. 2FA/MFA Use-Cases We Support

  • 2FA SMS - the standard use-case where simple text-based messages are supported (Does NOT require add-on)
  • Physical Device Validation (2FA Add-on Required) - This is usually required for Banks and highly sensitive websites as they do not support virtual phone numbers. By using Clerk you are able to receive verification right in Slack. For example the following companies require 2 Factor Authentication add-on:

  • Apple

  • Banks (Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America…)

  • Google


To enable your Clerk number for two step verification by Apple please navigate to:

Scroll down to Security Section and click on edit.

Add Clerk Number as a Trusted Number

Click on Add a Trusted Phone Number and verify your number with Phone Call

Verify with Phone Call

After a few moments you should receive a notification in your Slack channel.

Apple Verification Code

Enter the verification code and verify it.

Verify Your Code

This is it. Your Clerk number is now set to verify your apple account. To be able to login in the future make sure to select Verify this number with Phone Call.

Refer to the steps below to receive the verification code in Slack and login:

Didn't get a verification code
Use Phone Number
Choose Your Clerk Number

If you are running into any issues or have questions please reach out to our support team at and we will work with you to enable the provider.


To enable your Clerk number for two step verification by Google please navigate to:

Scroll down and select 2-Step Verification.

2-Step Verification

Add your Clerk Phone number by clicking on Add Phone

Add Phone

How do you want to get codes? Make sure to select Phone call and click done.

Phone Call

When logging into your Google account select your Clerk phone number.

Try another way
Call your phone on file

Google verification code will appear inside of your Slack channel.

Google Verification code

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