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Alexander Haque Co-Founder at Clerk Chat
Alexander Haque

Co-Founder at Clerk Chat

Microsoft Teams SMS

Enhance customer connectivity using SMS on your Microsoft Teams Phone Number. With Clerk, empower your staff to seamlessly communicate with customers via SMS within Microsoft Teams.

SMS Built for Microsoft Teams

Stay connected with your customers via SMS text messaging, all inside Microsoft Teams. Clerk allows you to connect your existing numbers. Share MFA codes securely, confirm appointments, call customers - the possibilities are endless.

  • Activate SMS in Microsoft Teams
    Activate SMS in Microsoft Teams

    Whether your company has a dedicated 1-800 number or your staff have individual numbers, we can instantly enable SMS across your existing Microsoft Teams phone numbers.

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  • Activate SMS in Microsoft Teams
    Keep Your Calling in Microsoft Teams

    Since you’re using your existing Teams phone numbers, nothing changes with your calling plan. Whether that‘s your call attendant, voicemail, IVR or anything else - we don’t touch or change anything. We handle SMS - Teams handles calling.

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Give your team SMS super-powers

We’ve designed our SMS platform from the ground-up and we use it every single day to manage support and sales, for ourselves.

  • 1:1 Messaging
    1:1 Messaging

    With a 98% read-rate, it’s no wonder SMS has overtaken email as the communication channel of choice. With Clerk you can have a back and forth SMS conversation, and send and receive pictures and videos.

  • Group Messaging
    Group Messaging

    Have a conversation with multiple contacts at the same time. Everyone in the group can read and respond to each other’s messages. Great for collaborating with your customers and gaining quick team alignment.

  • SMS Campaigns
    SMS Campaigns

    Looking to send out a marketing push for your latest product or discount? With our sms campaigns feature, you can easily reach and engage hundreds of thousands of customers per day, maximizing your promotional efforts.

  • Collaborative SMS
    Collaborative SMS

    Perfect for support - which is exactly how we use it all inside Teams. We share our 1-800 number, so every text message that comes in is guaranteed to be answered in our industry-leading 90-seconds.

  • Next-Gen Contact Management
    Next-Gen Contact Management

    Our contact management system amplifies your existing systems. Track the customer lifecycle from lead, sale to customer to upsell, and break down silos between your marketing, sales, and support teams.

  • Workflows

    Our visual workflow builder provides you with an empty slate to unleash your creativity. Easily move and place messages, add time delays, webhooks, and branches to craft captivating customer experiences.

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We 💙 Phone Carriers. No need for new phone numbers.

Clerk works with all carriers. No need to port or disrupt your existing service.

  • Microsoft Teams
    Microsoft Teams

    The fastest growing calling platform in the world. Add messaging super-powers to your Microsoft Teams phone numbers.

  • Sinch

    Activate your Sinch phone number and streamline communication process. Simply insert your API key.

  • Twilio

    Enable your Twilio phone number and consolidate communication. Just plug your API key and get going.

  • VoIP / Landline
    VoIP / Landline

    Enable SMS capabilities on your existing VoIP or a landline.

  • Telnyx

    Activate your Telnyx phone numbers to centralize your communication. Simply insert your API key to begin.

  • Bandwidth

    Activate your Bandwidth phone number to streamline your communication. Simply activate your API key.

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Microsoft Teams Operator Connect

With Clerk, your business can quickly establish a direct link to Microsoft Teams, allowing for cost-effective, efficient, and excellent voice calls to support your organization's collaborative requirements. Clerk also enables SMS functionality with any Operator Connect carrier, and if you don't have a provider for operator connect, there's no need to worry as we have a solution for you.

Microsoft Operator Connect


We've built dedicated integrations to help you connect Clerk with your existing systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, Outlook, Salesforce and CSV.

  • Microsoft Dynamics
    Microsoft Dynamics

    Sync your contacts instantaneously from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • Outlook

    Import your contacts directly from Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook contacts.

  • Global Relay
    Global Relay

    Bring compliance and control to Microsoft Teams by preserving records of all communication.

  • Salesforce

    Use Salesforce and Teams together to manage your conversations.

Trusted by 1000+ Brands

From startups to the Fortune 500, Clerk Chat is the most visual and simple way for your team to unlock conversational messaging, bridging customers, desk-less workers, staff and everyone in between, all within your organization.

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